How to Vote for Marijuana Legalization in 2020


A Pew Research poll shows that 59% percent of Americans support legalizing both medical and adult-use marijuana—and at least a dozen states showed signs of progress on the issues by the start of this year. Now that widespread social distancing to slow the spread of COVID- ... Read More

Creative Ways to Celebrate 420 in 2020


This year, think of it as “420” all month long, and there’s never been more reason to celebrate cannabis: Illinois recently became the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana. Legal hemp and CBD has become mainstream. The House passed the Safe Banking Act, which would signific ... Read More

Most Americans Say Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are Essential Services: Poll


As retail outlets close across the U.S. in response to COVID-19, questions remain about the short-term fate of marijuana dispensaries. Now the public has spoken: A new poll from YouGov shows that 53 percent of American adults believe medical marijuana dispensaries are essential services a ... Read More

Protect Your Lungs from the Coronavirus by Opting for Edibles Instead


Many people across the globe are stocking up on food and essential supplies in an effort to comply with public health regulations and keep themselves and their loved ones safe from the novel coronavirus. If you’re a medical marijuana patient, you may have stocked up on cannabis, too. ... Read More

Cannabis User’s Guide to Staying Sane and Entertained During Quarantine


It’s tough out there, with COVID-19 panic causing social distancing, curfews, quarantines, lockdowns, and even toilet paper shortages at big box stores. What’s a committed cannabis user to do? Here’s our survival guide to staying healthy, sane, and yes, even entertained during this ... Read More

NIH Grants UCLA $3.9M to Study THC, Terpenes, and Pain Management


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has granted a UCLA cannabis researcher $3.9 million to study whether cannabis terpenes alone, and in conjunction with THC, can help reduce patients’ need for opioids in pain management. The grant, given through NIH’s National Center for Compleme ... Read More

Medical Marijuana Healthcare During the COVID-19 Crisis


For medical marijuana users, the COVID-19 shutdowns raise urgent questions about how they access their medication and continue to contact their providers. Medical centers are cancelling non-emergency appointments and elective procedures. Many specialists are being called on to offer urgen ... Read More

Access during COVID-19: Advocates Argue for Patients’ Rights


Many non-essential shops and services around the U.S. have temporarily closed for business in response to the social distancing recommendations meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The New York City metro area, the San Francisco Bay area, and the Seattle metro area ... Read More

COVID-19 Sees Dispensary Sales Spike as Patients and Consumers Stock Up


As schools, restaurants, retail outlets, and certain government services across the U.S. have begun temporary closures to slow the spread of Coronavirus, or COVID-19, some marijuana dispensaries have either followed suit or announced intentions to change their menu of services. With Am ... Read More

What to Expect When You Switch from Smoking to Edibles


Edibles used to be nothing more than a fun party favor. It took time and effort to make a batch of magic brownies, so while the all-body high was a fun and coveted experience, it wasn’t the every-day method of dosing most regular marijuana users preferred. Then, marijuana started be ... Read More

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