Erectile Dysfunction, Cannabis, and Men’s Health


As more states legalize cannabis, other wellness benefits can be explored. For example, does cannabis help reduce pain, which can enhance sexual performance? Are there any therapeutic benefits to using cannabis to address erectile dysfunction? Many Americans now use marijuana therapeut ... Read More

Can we Save the Bees with Cannabis Trees?


There are more than 20,000 species of bees on the planet. Pretty impressive, right? And of all those species, the human race chose one (the honeybee) to domesticate. Farms learned the value of beekeeping for healthy crops. And, of course, delicious antioxidant-rich honey. If you love t ... Read More

Sports Injuries and Recovery With Medical Cannabis


Thirty-six states in America have legalized medical cannabis.  But for professional athletes in major leagues with sports injuries, CBD (0.3% THC) is not even an option.  For pain management, stress, and other health needs.  Once you sign that professional contract, you can drink. You ... Read More

Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC Have Very Different Effects


Not all THC is equal?  For many people who use cannabis therapeutically (or recreationally), a high is a high, right?   Well, it turns out that there are variants in THC.  And the kind you are most familiar with from your local dispensary is Delta-9-THC. But are Delta-8 dom ... Read More

Chuck Schumer Says Legalization May Happen Sooner


Politics have been really interesting this past year.  So has the progress in cannabis legalization. Now, all eyes are on Chuck Schumer. There were so many firsts; it is hard to list them all. But the most important adversity we faced as a country; we are still facing.  The impact of l ... Read More

‘Higher’ Education for Cannabis Jobs


For some people, cannabis is a therapeutic tool to help manage symptoms. For other people, cannabis is a lifestyle and something that they are passionate about. If you have legal access to marijuana and know a great deal about it, can you turn that interest into a career? There are more c ... Read More

How-To Recharge Your Dried Weed


Long-term storage of cannabis isn’t a problem for most people. You buy what you need from your local medical dispensary. And then you smoke it, or vape it, or eat it. It’s that simple. But in some states where people can now legally grow, storage can be a problem. And you may find you ... Read More

Colorado Cannabis Sales Over $2 Billion


Mid-way through January 2021, states may still be tabulating cannabis sales. To call 2020 a blockbuster year for medical and adult-use marijuana sales would be an understatement. The problems, political and pandemic stressors, helped drive sales to record-breaking levels in Colorado. ... Read More

Bust Pandemic Stress With Sativa’s


The pandemic. It has almost been one year since the Novel Covid-19 coronavirus appeared in America.  What started as news from China about a flu-like virus was concerning.  When the first cases in the United States showed up, we were not prepared. There is a reason why Sati ... Read More

Instant “Pot” Recipes You Can Make At Home


Bet your mother-in-law didn’t think you would be using your Instant Pot to decarboxylate your weed.  If you have been cooking edibles for a while, you know that something happens whenever you decarboxylate your cannabis.  Your lightly toasted weed can make your whole kitchen ( ... Read More

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