Marijuana News Round-Up November 26, 2021 

Marijuana News Round-Up November 26, 2021 

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 11/26/2021 in Medical Marijuana

Updated on November 30, 2021.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer


This week in marijuana news, the headline stealer came from Michigan. A massive recall of cannabis products in Michigan becomes the largest in the state. There were an estimated 60% to 70% of dispensary products pulled off the shelf. Now, the state is facing legal action by the laboratory that provided the results that prompted the recall. 

Will you be traveling for Thanksgiving? Holiday weekend travel is always a little stressful. But if you are a patient who has a medical card, there are some extra things to think about if you are leaving your home state. 

A new poll shows that the majority of Texans would like to see adult-use legalized. If that is the case, what is the hold up with cannabis reform in the Lonestar state? All this and more in your marijuana news round-up for November 26, 2021. 

Cannabis Appetizers

Cannabis-Infused Recipes You Can Try This Thanksgiving Weekend

One of the easiest ways to incorporate cannabis-infused food into your Thanksgiving feast? Get creative with appetizers and side dishes.  We searched for some of the best suggestions from 420 food bloggers we love. 

In this article,  we also provide instructions on decarboxylating cannabis.   There is a link to an online calculator to help you determine the potency of edibles. And if you are looking for some alcohol-free cannabis cocktail recipes? We’ve got you covered too!

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Up to 70% of Michigan Dispensary Cannabis Recalled for Safety Concerns

In the three years that cannabis has been legally available in Michigan, the incident is the largest recall. But it did not include inhalable concentrates, live resins, and distillates, or vape oils. 

Between August 10th and November 16th, 2021, a large number of products were tested. The total value of the recall was estimated at $229 million. And it impacted marijuana products being sold at 400 dispensary locations across Michigan. 

The problem appears to be mold. The statement by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (who issued the recall) cited “potentially harmful products”. Specifically for patients who are immunocompromised and susceptible to infections. Like aspergillosis, which is caused by inhaling mold. 

The massive recall may protect patients but it has unsurprisingly angered cannabis retailers. Pulling such a mass quantity of cannabis from the shelves of dispensaries right before Thanksgiving long weekend? That’s going to leave a bruise and bad taste for dispensary owners. Particularly since restocking will be difficult to impossible during the holiday weekend. 

Viridis filed a 200+ suit against the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency. However, the CEO (Greg Michaud) is a retired Michigan State Police Officer. And the lead research and development leader at Viridis was a veteran toxicologist for the Michigan State Police crime labs. Viridis Laboratories is in court to sue the state of Michigan for the recall. The company has stated that the 70% product recall was not warranted based on the testing results provided. 

Read more on Detroit News

***Correction: We originally reported that a 200+ page legal complaint was filed against Viridis.  We were informed that Viridis filed the 200-page suit against the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency.  Marijuana Doctors regrets the editorial error. 

Traveling with Cannabis

The University of Houston Poll Says Texans Want Cannabis Prohibition to End

What is holding up cannabis reform in Texas? The state has a reputation for having some of the most punitive consequences for using cannabis. You know, a “lock you up and throw away the key” mentality for drug charges. Including marijuana. 

The pandemic has been costly for most states. And mulling compassionate care for patients, with increased tax revenues has been a no-brainer. Except in Texas, one of the only states that seem to be coping just fine. The state expects to bounce from a $4 billion budgetary shortfall in 2021 to a surplus in 2022. 

A new poll conducted by the University of Houston and Texas Southern University is unsurprising. But it may give prohibitionists some concern. The majority of Texans support the legalization of cannabis. And the legislative pressure is mounting according to marijuana news outlets.  Residents of Texas are getting impatient. 

Read: “Texans Support Adult-Use According to New Poll”.

Ordering Cannabis on Uber Eats? Only in Canada 

Making the headlines in marijuana news, Uber Eats struck a deal with Tokyo Smoke, one of the largest cannabis dispensary chains in Ontario, Canada. Federal lawmakers now permit the licensing of apps for ordering cannabis. Even though private delivery services for cannabis are not yet legal. So, if you live in Ontario, you’ll be able to browse the selection of Tokyo Smoke products on Uber Eats. And then order it for pick-up (but no delivery). At least until the provincial and federal governments decide on allowing privatized delivery.

Currently, only medical dispensaries can deliver cannabis products. However, that was a temporary accommodation to help protect patients during the Covid-19 health emergency. Now legislators in Canada will figure out if home-delivery of cannabis can be safely done by a third-party provider. 

Canada has about 10% of the population as the United States. But in 2020, cannabis sales totaled $2.6 billion. And sales of adult-use (recreational) and medical cannabis products 

Read: “Uber Eats Cannabis In-App Ordering Now Available”.

Traveling with a medical card marijuana doctors

Safely Traveling When You Use Medical Marijuana 

Some people think that crossing the border between one cannabis-legalized state to another is no big deal. After all, if there are medical cardholders in each state, then you probably are not breaking the law. Even if you are riding dirty.

Did you know that crossing any state border with cannabis is a felony offense?  It is not a myth. So is possessing cannabis on any federal property or land (including state parks). Examples of the most common ways people with a legit medical card find themselves in legal hot water. 

Read:Traveling With a Medical Card: How Patients Get In Trouble”. 

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