Medical Marijuana Referral Program


Would you like to be part of a fast-growing and new industry? If so, you can become a sales representative for, and make money with our medical marijuana referral program. You can do this simply by referring new physicians to Marijuana Doctors. MD has launched its na ... Read More

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Explained


Medical marijuana has multiple health benefits. It’s used for pain relief, treating depression and reducing symptoms of post-traumatic disorders. It also plays a role in controlling epileptic seizures and reducing brain damage after a stroke. However, for a very small percentage of ... Read More

Drafted Regulations for PA Doctors


Since the legalization of medical marijuana in 2016, Pennsylvania has seen a lot of cannabis policy reform. Between Feb. 20 and March 20 of 2017, the Department of Health accepted applications from businesses that wanted to become marijuana growers/processors or own dispensaries. The ap ... Read More

Conflicting Marijuana Laws in CA


The medical marijuana industry in California, established in 1996, is soon to be joined by a recreational market. When it does, California will have the largest marijuana market in the country. California voters approved Proposition 64, when they voted in the national election, by a much l ... Read More

Insurers to Pay for Medical Marijuana in NY


The New York State Department of Financial Services, Health Bureau, recently clarified insurance law concerning medical marijuana in the state. Insurers will now be required to pay for office visits, even when they result in medical marijuana certification for the patient. Any attempts to ... Read More

How to Store Medical Marijuana


While strain preferences differ considerably from one patient to the next, there’s one thing that every medical marijuana patient seems to agree on. They want their cannabis to remain fresh, flavorful and potent – nobody likes old weed. Nothing beats a freshly cured batch of tangy fl ... Read More

Medical Marijuana Deliveries in MA


Medical marijuana continues to develop in the state of Massachusetts. With the recent vote to legalize even non-medical use of marijuana, the rules are changing quickly, and access will increase soon. Certified medical marijuana patients could already obtain the doctor-recommended cannabi ... Read More

New Medical Marijuana Restrictions Proposed in FL


After voters approved the expansion of the medical marijuana program in Florida by a margin of 71%, a new House Bill threatens to severely limit that expansion. The proposed legislation, HB 1397, was sponsored by House Majority Leader Ray Rodrigues and approved by the House Health Quali ... Read More

Chronic Pain Is Now a Qualifying Condition in NY


Good news! The New York State Department of Health now officially recognizes chronic pain as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. The state previously included just ten conditions: Epilepsy Cancer HIV and AIDS Spinal cord injuries ALS Parkinson's disease Hunting ... Read More

Here’s Why You Should Be Drinking Your Cannabis


Many medical marijuana patients are familiar eating and smoking cannabis. But many may not realize that some consider drinking marijuana healthier than smoking it. Sure, smoking is the fastest way to deliver THC to your mind and body. Why the Sudden Interest in Marijuana Drinkables? Smoked ... Read More

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