What Is the Average Cost of a Medical Marijuana Prescription?

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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/05/2017 in Medical Marijuana

What Is the Average Cost of a Medical Marijuana Prescription

This is a question people ask frequently. The question itself is simple enough, but the answer is a bit tricky. The truth is, there are no hard and fast rules for marijuana prices. The price of marijuana can be different depending on quality, quantity, location, and competition. We’ll try our best to break it down for you so you can be aware of how much you should be paying.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Weed

Several factors determine the price of cannabis. The more of these factors that are put together, the more you’re going to cough up money. After we cover all these factors, we’ll break down the price according to the forms of weed available.

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What Impacts the Cost of Pot?

  • Quality: Of course, this is obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. The fact is, the higher the quality of the weed, the higher the price. Low-grade marijuana isn’t as effective as high-grade marijuana. For this reason, it should cost much less.
  • Quantity: The price will vary greatly as the quantity increases. It will also depend on the discount and bundle packages offered by the dispensary, which will vary. But, in general, as the quantity increases, the discount also increases.
  • Competition: The more dispensaries you have selling in your area, the better the deal you’ll find. This is the reason smaller towns with fewer dispensaries charge an arm and a leg. The closer your house is to a big city, the lower the price you’ll get.
  • Time of Year: Cannabis harvesting is usually done around September and a few months afterward, depending on the climate. Around this season, you may notice a considerable decrease in the price of your prescription.

Different Forms of Marijuana

Medical marijuana is accessible in many different forms. These vary from concentrates to edibles, drinks, and combustibles. The prices for each differs as well. For this reason, we collected information on each form of marijuana differently.

Please keep in mind prices are going to differ. We use number ranges instead of exact amounts throughout the rest of this post. Also, the prices we’ve quoted are for high-quality marijuana. Lesser quality should cost you much less. That said, here’s a price breakdown for each of the major forms of weed:

  • Buds: The price of marijuana buds will vary based on the quality and location of the purchase. Different locations have different price ranges. However, on average, a gram of weed will be no more than $20 and no less than $5. This means that an ounce would cost $200 to $400 on average.
  • Concentrates: Medical marijuana can also be sold in the form of concentrates. Good examples of concentrates are waxes and oils. They’re usually made with higher levels of THC and are more costly for this reason. A gram will cost you around $20 to $60.
  • Edibles: Edible marijuana meds are meant for those patients who prefer not to smoke. Edibles are no longer restricted to brownies and cookies. Ice cream, pizzas, and burritos can also be made with medical marijuana-laced ingredients. Prices for edibles are usually based on dosages. Expect to pay about $3 to $5 per dose for these items.
  • Tinctures – Tinctures are concentrated liquid marijuana. They’re usually sold in one-ounce bottles that are capped with a dropper. They can be used in cooking and are meant for patients who don’t like smoking. You can also mix tinctures with alcoholic beverages. A bottle goes for $20 to $40 depending on concentration.

Additional Costs of Medical Pot

The expenses incurred from the different forms of marijuana prescriptions are not the only costs. There are additional costs needed to acquire a medical marijuana recommendation in the first place. Having a recommendation is a necessity if you want to purchase any form of medicinal pot.

Naturally, recommendation costs will vary depending on location and state regulations. However, on average they will be around $80 to $150 for new medicinal marijuana users. Annual renewals are also necessary but will not be as expensive compared to the first fees paid.

Extra miscellaneous costs include smoking equipment. These are the extra accessories you’ll need before you smoke your pot. The rolling papers are the cheapest at only $2. The glass pipes can cost around $20. Water pipes and vaporizers are more expensive and cost $50 to $300 and $100 to $700, respectively.

Discounts for Medical Marijuana

You’ll notice that the more weed you buy, the cheaper the price becomes. Marijuana is just like any other product. You get a discount for buying in bulk. The best thing about dispensaries is you’ll always find good deals.

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Various dispensaries will have different deals and packages that feature discounts. Most of them will allow you to get a lower price bundle as you buy larger quantities. Others will grant you bonus products when you make your purchase for the first time. Many dispensaries also make use of coupons.

Discounts help dispensaries stand out. The reason this is important is because of the struggle between legal dispensaries and black markets. By offering friendly and convenient packages, legal dispensaries will attract more and more customers. This helps to shift the focus of people from the illegal acquisition of weed to acquiring their medicinal marijuana legally.

Finding a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

You never know if you might need a medical marijuana prescription. But you can be assured you’re now prepared and well aware of the costs. Armed with this knowledge, you can have access to one of the best forms of medicine available.

Whether you call it cannabis, weed or marijuana, it’s an effective form of pain relief that can help you through times of pain. If you are ever faced with pre-approved conditions that need treatment, make sure to acquire this medicine with the aid of the strictly vetted doctors featured at MarijuanaDoctors.com.

Keep mind that the prices listed above are only general estimates. The real prices could be higher or lower. If you’re a medical marijuana patient, feel free to browse our directory of marijuana dispensaries for your state.

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