What to Do If Your Cannabis Prescription Is Stolen


Your prescription is your only way to collect your marijuana medication. In states where recreational marijuana is not yet legalized, this can make you a target for theft. Because marijuana is not yet legal at the Federal level, this can present a few problems when it comes to law enforcem ... Read More

The Best Cannabis Snacks


Smoking and vaping are two of the most common ways to ingest cannabis, but it can get boring after a while. With a plethora of edible cannabis ingredients available — in the form of cannabutter, cannabis oil and even cannabis sugar — edible alternatives can help spice up your daily dos ... Read More

PA Seeks Labs to Test Medical Marijuana


Pennsylvania’s Department of Health continues to push towards its 2018 implementation goal of the state’s Medical Marijuana Program. Already, the state has developed its Medical Marijuana Physician Workgroup, reviewed applications for both growers and dispensaries and accomplished seve ... Read More

Juicing With Cannabis


Juicing is a popular diet trend worldwide, lauded for dietary benefits. It should come as no surprise, then, that the juicing trend has spread to marijuana products. Today, medical marijuana patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals are looking into the benefits of juicing cannabis ... Read More

Cannabis Sugars


Cannabis-infused sugar crystals are a new trend on the medical marijuana scene, expanding the options available with edible cannabis goods. While previous edibles used butter and oils made from cannabis, cannabis sugars provide another, sweeter option. What Are Cannabis Sugars? Cann ... Read More

Medical Marijuana and the TSA/Airports


Airport travel is already a stressful situation. It’s even more of a problem if you’re a medical marijuana patient who depends on their cannabis for pain management or treatment. Though the TSA is federally run and generally not a cannabis-friendly organization, there are ways to skirt ... Read More

Florida Moves Towards Sensible Medical Marijuana Program


There has been some potentially encouraging movement toward a somewhat legitimate medical marijuana program in the state of Florida. But, as is the case nearly everywhere else in the country, narrow-minded legislators are threatening to scuttle the entire process. A Tale of Two Versions: ... Read More

Medical Marijuana & Children


Cannabis poses as many benefits for children as for adults. It helps children worldwide with painful long-term illnesses like epilepsy, AIDS and cancer. For children, CBD oil helps manage severe seizures, bringing a level of comfort to life. However, the benefits and technicalities o ... Read More

West Virginia Becomes the 29th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana


It’s confirmed: West Virginia has officially joined the ranks of states that have legalized medical marijuana. On April 6, Gov. Jim Justice signed a bill that made West Virginia the 29th state to allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes. West Virginia is the sixth state to leg ... Read More

What Is the Average Cost of a Medical Marijuana Prescription?


This is a question people ask frequently. The question itself is simple enough, but the answer is a bit tricky. The truth is, there are no hard and fast rules for marijuana prices. The price of marijuana can be different depending on quality, quantity, location, and competition. We’ll t ... Read More

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