PAs Now Able to Certify for Medical Marijuana in NY


The medical marijuana program in New York is undergoing positive changes that will make it easier for patients to get the marijuana treatment they need. Despite the success the program saw in its first year, these new regulations should improve access to treatment and expand the ... Read More

Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Rat Race


In a growing number of destinations, people can legally buy marijuana simply by walking into the many purpose-built stores and coming out with their favorite varieties. They can also purchase accessories, plus novelty items like brownies and candy that also contain the substance. Because ... Read More

Medical Marijuana for Pets


We love our pets. We always want to give them the utmost care when they’re in good health, and especially when they’re sick. That’s why many of us are turning to medical marijuana for our pets when they are suffering or have a certain medical condition pot can help. Medical mariju ... Read More

Medical Marijuana Treatment for Opiate Addiction


Medical marijuana is quickly becoming one of the wonder-medicines of our time. Not only can it help you if you’re in chronic pain with a serious illness such as cancer or multiple sclerosis, but it’s also now considered to be a treatment that has a significant impact on you if you’re ... Read More

The Surprising Facts on Young Adults and Cannabis


Many critics of legalized marijuana base a great deal of their opposition on the belief that most young people would abuse weed to the point where all they want to do is get high. But the facts paint a very different picture. Surveys and studies show that the majority of young adults who u ... Read More

Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil: How to Use It, How to Make It


Coconut oil is one of the most versatile ingredients available when combined with cannabis. It’s not only an effective method of delivering medicinal marijuana, but it can also be used in drinks, food and even turned into sprays and creams. Here’s some information on how it’s use ... Read More

Medical Marijuana Deliveries in NY


Looking for marijuana delivery in New York? You’re in luck! With a New York Health Department-approved home delivery program taking effect, soon enough you’ll be able to get marijuana home delivery right at your doorstep. Just imagine the convenience of being able to get your medical ... Read More

3D Printed Cannabis Products


When 3D printers first came out, many people viewed them as nothing more than an interesting novelty. But as technology has advanced, products were developed that provide tangible — and in many instances, incredible — benefits. Here are some of the more impressive products that will be ... Read More

Medical Marijuana Patient Rights


Medical marijuana use is still a controversial topic with some parts of the general public. People hold their beliefs about drugs based on old ideas or propaganda, and they can be reluctant to change with the times. It’s hard for some people to accept the new information available now co ... Read More

Foreshadowing the Future of CBD


The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency currency lists marijuana and cannabidiol as a Schedule I drug — illegal to buy, sell and consume at the federal level. Although there is insignificant evidence indicating that cannabidiol is not psychologically or physically addicting, the likelihood of t ... Read More

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