3D Printed Cannabis Products

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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/09/2017 in Products

3D Printed Cannabis Products

When 3D printers first came out, many people viewed them as nothing more than an interesting novelty. But as technology has advanced, products were developed that provide tangible — and in many instances, incredible — benefits. Here are some of the more impressive products that will be of substantial interest to medical marijuana users.

Cannabis Inhalers

Made by an Israeli company called Syqe Medical, this cannabis inhaler makes it easy for doctors to prescribe exact doses of medical marijuana — and even administer those doses wirelessly. This amazing product has already been put to use in a medical setting for more than a year in a Haifa hospital.

There are two variations of the inhaler. One for use by medical institutions and one for use by patients. The medical printer comes with an interface for caregivers that makes remote dosing possible. Clinics, cancer centers and intensive care units are just a few of the medical facilities for which the inhaler was designed. These inhalers fit easily into a shirt pocket and come with several cartridges that hold 100 micrograms of cannabis. They also have controllers and a wireless interface that allows the device to connect to a database used by physicians and facilities.

This wireless connectivity is what makes it convenient for a physician to prescribe the exact dosage of medical marijuana that a patient needs. The device is also excellent for scientific research, providing them with a way to track dosages so they can better understand the amount of marijuana that is best suited to treat a particular condition or illness.

The inhalers provide a discreet method of consuming cannabis and also protect users from some of the more unpleasant aspects of smoking weed.

Printable Hydroponics System

Many states where medical marijuana is legal allow patients to cultivate a certain number of plants so they can readily access the cannabis they need to relieve their symptoms. 3Dponics has made the process a great deal easier through its 3D hydroponics system.

The system includes a lid, pot and planter that can all be created by just about any model of desktop 3D printer. When printed, all of the components are designed to easily snap together. Cultivators can make as many as they need to suit their purposes, whether they’re cultivating just a few plants or as many as the law in their state allows. The system also allows users to create custom shapes and sizes, and they can order parts from multiple 3D printing suppliers.

3Dponics offers this service for free as part of a business model that also includes a subscription-based service that provides fertilizer and other supplies necessary for cultivation.

What will really draw the attention of those who don’t have a lot of experience in cultivation, however, is the fact that 3Dponics claims that the hydroponics system makes it extremely easy to grow weed. While traditional methods take a great deal of knowledge and experience (as well as time), the 3Dponics system only requires that the user fill the reservoir weekly with either water or a growing solution.

If you’re interested in this product, however, you need to be completely aware of the laws in your state as they pertain to the cultivation of medical weed. At MarijuanaDoctors.com, we have a detailed list of cultivation laws in all of the states where medical marijuana is legal.

3D Printed Bongs

Many medical marijuana users would rather place a small amount of cannabis in a bong rather than smoke a joint or consume weed-infused cookies, brownies or other edibles. If you fall into this category, you might be interested in a 3D printed bong produced by a company called Printabowl. The bongs come in three designs that are intended to be showpieces as well as functional tools with which to use weed.

Printabowl offers 3D printed of bongs designed as fictional showpieces starting at $300

All of the models were taken from molds created using a 3D printer and then filled with ceramic in a variety of shapes. Once the mold is taken off the bong, it is then kiln-fired and glazed, resulting in the finished product.

Ultimately, the company plans on producing bongs that can be completely created through the 3D printing process without the need for firing or glazing. The first group of bongs measures about eight inches high and features glass stems and bowls. The starting price is $300 for each model.

3D Printed Cannabis Containers

If you have weed, you’ll need something to keep it in — preferably, something your kid can’t open. That’s the motivation behind containers developed by Green Technology Solutions. They partnered with a company that specializes in 3D printing to create a child-proof container that’s specifically made for edibles. This container can easily be opened by an adult, but it’s rigid enough so that a small child will not have the strength to pry it open.

What Does the Future Hold?

As marijuana increases in acceptance throughout the country, savvy entrepreneurs will seize the financial opportunities that are bound to develop as more states legalize weed for both medicinal and recreational use. 3D printing is a prime example of how innovative ideas and technologies are blending to create cannabis-related products that weren’t even in the realm of possibility just a few years ago.

The potential for this technology is as endless as the imagination. For instance, people are already trying to determine ways to print cannabis itself. This sounds far-fetched, but there are several examples of 3D devices that have successfully printed other types of organic material, even including a crude version of a human ear. There’s even an FDA-approved, 3D printed drug used to treat epilepsy.

It’s obviously going to be a long time before anyone will be able to create an indica by simply pressing a button. But considering where the technology was less than a decade ago, who’s to say it won’t one day be possible?

Before you purchase, just remember what’s already available on the market to make sure you can do so in full compliance with the laws of your state.

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