Social Equity for Cannabis Business Licensing In LA


The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved cannabis licensing new rules under the city's social equity program.  According to a new report by Los Angeles Times, this happened on July 1 amid backlash about the program's rollout.  The program's purpose was to ensure that th Read More

Bongs That have Raised The Bar “High”


When you go looking for cannabis accessories, bongs are usually the first choice.  Choosing a style of bong is really like buying a car; you know what you like. And to anyone who is part of the cannabis community and culture, bongs are more than pipes; they can be art.  And many Read More

Why is Ketamine Not Approved for Depression?


Growing in popularity and credibility is a new drug for depression treatment known as Esketamine. Last year Janssen Pharmaceuticals' ketamine-based drug was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for patients with treatment-resistant depression. The FDA issued an Read More

Organic Ways to Clean Your Cannabis Accessories


The glass pipe can get gross, dirty, and unappealing. Resin can build up on the inside of your bong and be very difficult to clean. Some users have turned to harsh chemicals or non-organic cleaners to get rid of the grime. Toxic chemicals are known to leave a hazardous residue that turns Read More

Harmony MMJ Coming to Hoboken, NJ


By the end of 2020, the number of cannabis dispensaries in New Jersey will go up! This is because Harmony, a medical marijuana company will open its second location in Hudson County.  According to the company, Harmony Dispensary, which already has a dispensary in Secaucus, got the Read More

University of Pittsburgh’s MMJ Study for Sickle Cell


The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has turned its focus on research about sickle cell anemia treatment. The study is about finding a way to use medical marijuana to treat sickle cell anemia pain in sickle cell patients.  The research program runs on a $3million grant. Read More

Dispensaries In Missouri Are Still Not Open?


Medical marijuana became legal and growing begun in Missouri a year ago. It was exciting news for tens of thousands of cardholders and caregivers. They had all been waiting to buy the medicine for a long time legally from dispensaries.  But 22 months later, no cannabis dispensari Read More

Thailand Privatizes MMJ to Help Economy


Thailand depends on tourism and agriculture for its economic stability. It is now ailing economic-wise. Like every other country coping with Covid-19.  But, it looks like some new rules are in place to boost the other sectors of the economy.  One of the only recession and pandem Read More

Minnesota Senator on Marijuana Legal Reform


On the Senate floor, Senator Tina Smith(D-MN) talked about her new marijuana legalization bill. She is the senator who sponsored a "Substance Regulation and Safety Act" that got introduced in July. Smith stated that legalizing cannabis could help law enforcement devote more resources to s Read More

Businesses Ready For The “Shroom” Boom


A new variety of functional food and medicine is mushrooming for businesses. This is due to the increasing international legalization of psilocybin, an active mushroom ingredient. This has allowed international companies to create new foods, drinks, and medicines. But not in the United S Read More

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