Bongs That have Raised The Bar “High”

Nancy Moraa

Posted by Nancy Moraa on 08/13/2020 in News

When you go looking for cannabis accessories, bongs are usually the first choice.  Choosing a style of bong is really like buying a car; you know what you like. And to anyone who is part of the cannabis community and culture, bongs are more than pipes; they can be art.  And many of them are unique enough to be collectible. 

High rollers and the elite are no different.  They have the same fascination with smoke over water that the rest of us do.  With one big difference, they are willing to drop some serious coin to get a one-of-a-kind epic bong.  

So when you are shopping for a new glass piece, and pondering some of the prices for marijuana bongs, consider the top five most expensive in the world.  You won’t believe what they are made of, and how much they cost.  

1. Roor Excalibur Bong- $15,000

Roor is a German-based famous bong and glassware company that uses high-quality lab-grade glass. For years this company has produced top-shelf glassware that has become popular with smokers globally.

The Excalibur by Roor

The Excalibur is a special ROOR item that won 1st prize in the glassware category back in the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Think about the bragging rights: “the best bong in Amsterdam!”  This bong features unique Fire and Ice color sections and some matching bowls and diffusers. Blown from a 9mm glass, this bong stands over 6 feet and has this massive 33cm broad base. 

Let’s recap that (in case you thought it was a typo). Six feet tall!
The company made only two of these items. One is owned by B-Real(CYPRESS hill), and the other is proudly owned by a renowned tobacco/glassware shop in Canada named Liquid Chrome.

2. Pirate Ship Builder- $30,000

This is a bong that doesn’t look like your typical bong. It is also known as Buck’s Pirate Ship and a very intricate piece of glassware that beautifully replicates an old pirate ship. This fantastic piece of glassware got showcased in Degenerate Art, a 2011 documentary that was all about art and culture of glass pipes. The moment you lay eyes on this lovely piece, you realize why this pirate ship needs a closer look.

Source Web 2020: Wikileaf.com

The pipe was made in 2010 by Buck Glass, LaceFace, and Joe O’Connell, the three famous glass artists from the United States. The mast of this “pirate ship” is the functioning piece of the bong, and it is removable for extra usability.

This bong interestingly has six cannons that serve as individual glass dry pipes. This amazing bong is currently displayed at Illuzion Glass Galleries in Boulder, Colorado. Ahoy mateys! This ship is big enough for multiple passengers. 

3. The Double Rainbow- $33,000

This bong was inspired by the viral video called Double Rainbow done by the YouTube user Yosemitebear62. Do you have $33,000 to spare?  Then this custom hand-pipe/bubble is the ideal piece.

First made in 2010, this bong was created by Buck’s Glass, the very same artist who created Pirate ship. 

Artists like Adam G, Darby, 2BA,, and Eusheen also had a hand in its creation. This bong combines two pipes, a stemless bubbler, and a dry pipe, both with their glass bowl.

It is said that after listening to the radio at Buck’s studio and hearing audio from the viral Double Rainbow video, the team of artists put some rainbow-colored glass pieces into use. Each artist began making their own, and in the end, they combined them to create this eye-popping Double Rainbow Tribute Pipe. 

Currently, there is even a video of the Double Rainbow getting made, for anyone who wants to see how this beautiful art piece was created.  

4. Roor Skull Gun- $90,000 

Source Web 2020: wikileaf.com

For a whopping $90,000, you can have this skull gun, a famous glass pipe by ROOR. When you look at it, you might think it came straight out of a science fiction film. This bong won 1st prize in the glass category during the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. 

The bong has this crazy design that combines the human skull shape, ribcage, and spine to form this crazy alien space gun. The bong has neon gas in it, so glows with the lovely neon colors. Various glass galleries and exhibitions have displayed it, and always, this artistic bong gets a lot of attention.  

5. Scott Deppe’s Gold Encrusted Skull Bong- $100,000

This is the most expensive bong on this list and with good reason. Scott Deppe, a famous glass artist, known as the best in the industry, created it. This artist’s work has always sold the top dollar, and this skull bong is no exception.

Source Web 2020: Wikileaf.com

This bong was designed to look like a human skull that was made from cannabis leaves. Just by looking at it, you can tell that the artist spent hours working extremely hard to ensure that every detail of the pipe is gotten right. After finishing the intricate patterns, Scott gave this skull bong an original gold finish by adding a real gold coat. 

So maybe the glass bongs at your local dispensary aren’t that expensive after all.  But if you happen to win the lottery, you might want to commission a custom original from Buck’s Glass. It would be “one bong to rule them all.”  

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