Businesses Ready For The “Shroom” Boom

Nancy Moraa

Posted by Nancy Moraa on 08/11/2020 in News

American Businesses Are Getting Ready to Capitalize on the "Shroom" Boom Marijuana Doctors

A new variety of functional food and medicine is mushrooming for businesses. This is due to the increasing international legalization of psilocybin, an active mushroom ingredient. This has allowed international companies to create new foods, drinks, and medicines. But not in the United States.  

Renowned research institutions and investors are supporting this growing trend. Psilocybin has significant benefits that boost mental health. Psychedelic drugs may never be available in a medical dispensary, but mental health treatments for depression and trauma may become available in the U.S. 

Champignon Brands Inc. is one of the first companies to explore the production of such products. It has secured listings in the United States and Germany and continues to expand its product line. Such beneficial products could be on the shelves alongside renowned brands such as Beyond Meat Inc. 

Businesses Look To Increase Market Reach

This brand offers healthy, plant-based alternatives to traditional foods and drinks. For that to happen, mushroom companies will also need to reach retailers. Retailers like United Natural Foods Inc., Amazon.com, and social eateries such as Starbucks Corporation will increase their market reach.  But will the United States allow for “magic mushrooms” to be sold at retail dispensaries?   The FDA and the DEA say “no,” but the next alternative medicine battle is brewing. 

Mushrooms with their mental health benefits can become the next primary legalization drive in America. New companies are gearing up.  Lobbyists are hard at work to encourage doctor-supervised mushroom therapies to start.  For specific health conditions like treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Two conditions that contribute to increasing rates of suicide in the United States. 

Is Champignon Brands Inc. Leading the Charge for The Shroom Boom?

Champignon Brands Inc. is one company that has adopted the mushroom-to-market strategy. Currently, the company offers consumer packaged goods. These goods are now in the form of a range of teas. It is a business committed to cultivating and distributing artisanal medical mushrooms and its products. 

It is a new territory for Champignon, but they have taken a broad approach to expand to other parts of the world. More Companies are also rushing to broaden their presence and keep up with this company. 

A Powerful New Medicine For Businesses

Psilocybin is the key for Champignon and other mushroom companies. A naturally occurring chemical, psilocybin, is found in hundreds of different types of mushrooms. The power of this vital chemical has been common knowledge for decades. Now is the time that its healing potential may be fully realized. 

The growing acceptance by medical professionals and institutions has inspired the mushroom momentum. The former director in the U.S. National Institute of Mental health, Thomas Insel, and former head of the American Psychiatric Association, Paul Summergrad, are both on the board of advisers for Compass Pathways, a top psilocybin company. 

John Hopkins, America’s renowned research university, has also established a new psychedelic research center that examines the potential of such compounds. The research center is mainly funded through efforts of a significant investor, Tim Ferriss. 

States Legalization Drive 

Ferriss is not the only one who has their eyes set on functional health fungi. Bruce Linton and Kevin O’Leary are seed investors in MindMed. Peter Thiel, an investor, has also invested in Compass Pathways. Champignon is part of a sector with growing scientific and financial credibility. 

The available markets for companies such as Champignon have, for a while, been limited. Limitations stem from laws that prohibit the use and sale of psilocybin mushrooms and their products. But the great news for businesses is that these laws are beginning to change and become less prohibitive than before. 

Denver, Oakland, and recently Santa Cruz are the regions that legalized psilocybin. Most of the activists running the decriminalization campaigns are also involved in the broader efforts of bringing this positive change to areas such as Oregon and Iowa. In November 2019, Decriminalize California joined hands with Beckley Foundation to change California. Vermont, Michigan, and Washington have also begun legalization efforts. 

Regulation of Magic Mushrooms Isn’t Going to Be Like Medical Marijuana in America

Legalizing shrooms is not as similar to medical cannabis. Arguments about health benefits and personal choice are out there too. However, psilocybin legalization will not come with tax benefits or massive implications for the criminal justice system. 

Companies like Champignon are not in it to tap into the vast painkilling market dominated by THC and CBD products. Instead, these businesses take a smaller but valuable niche that focuses on supporting mental health with therapeutic clinics that offer a safe, controlled, and doctor-supervised treatment plan.

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