Marijuana News Round-Up October 8, 2021

Marijuana News Round-Up October 8, 2021

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 10/08/2021 in News

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Marijuana News October 29, 2021 Marijuana Doctors

This week in marijuana news, guess which celebrity just jumped into the cannabis market? Palms has expanded to include several influencer brands of cannabis products, and “Peaches” pre-rolls could make a ‘belieber’ out of you.

We share all you need to know about HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) and why people are calling it the “Hulk of THC,” celebrate the passing of “Ryan’s Law” in California, and talk about some of the coolest cannabis-inspired names for your new dog. All this on your weekly cannabis news round-up from

Justin Bieber Palms Pre-Roll Brand in California

How many people in the adult-use cannabis market are millennials or Generation Z consumers? According to the 2020 HQ Cannabis Brand Affinity report, that number is 40%. You can download the free report for some additional insights on the U.S. cannabis market and purchase trends.

It is important for the cannabis industry to tailor branding to Millennials and Gen Z buyers. To date, many of the celebrity cannabis brands and influencers have represented an older market. Justin Bieber has collaborated with Palms to create a pre-roll brand called “Peaches.”

Beliebers (over the age of 21 years) will love the inspiration for his new cannabis products. Taken from his hit song “Peaches,” where he mentions his preference for quality California bud.

Peaches is the new pre-roll brand launched by Justin Bieber, collaborating with Palms.

Aside from being a quality crooner and generally cool guy, Justin Bieber supports many charities through his business projects. A portion of the proceeds of sales from his Palms pre-roll sales will support charities the celebrity is committed to. That includes Veterans Walk and Talk and the Last Prisoners Project. 

Read: Justin Bieber Breaks Into Cannabis With Palms Partnership” on Bloomberg.

Faster, Stronger, and Better? HHC Could Be the New Favorite THC

The Hulk of THC. That is how some people have described HHC or hexahydrocannabinol. It is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that acts just like THC, with some important differences. Because of the molecular structure of HHC, it binds better to the human cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptors.

When it comes to THC, HHC may be the fifth element. Behind Delta-7, Delta-8, Delta-9, and 10 THC. One of the interesting things that makes HHC different from other THC varieties is heat resistance. Unlike conventional marijuana, HHC can take higher levels of incineration. Why is that a good thing? That means a lower percentage of terpenes and flavonoids will be lost after you light it up.


There is also a rumor that HHC does not appear on drug tests. Not that they won’t develop a drug test that will detect other types of cannabinoids than Delta-9 THC (marijuana) in the future. And it hasn’t been clinically proven to be invisible on standardized drug tests either.

Learn why you will probably be seeing more HHC products in your local dispensary soon. 

Read: “HHC is the New Hulk of THC.”

Marijuana News: Patients With a Medical Card and Terminal Diagnosis Have New Care Options in California

If your state has legalized cannabis and you have a card for your health condition, you should be able to use medical marijuana. All medical marijuana laws in thirty-seven states stem from a commitment to improving “compassionate care” for patients. Specifically, those in end-of-life care.

But did you know that patients are denied cannabis in a hospital setting? This is one of the unfortunate scenarios caused by federal prohibition, despite state legalization. Patients who are admitted to a hospital or long-term care facility can’t get or consume medical marijuana.

Healthcare institutions receive funding from the federal government. And the feds like to threaten the withdrawal or reduction of funds provided if a state is not complying with federal mandates. Hospitals face increased financial crises (particularly during the global pandemic) and do not want to risk losing financial support from the government.

California passed “Ryan’s Law.” Basically, lawmakers agreed that compassionate care means providing cannabis to patients. That medical marijuana is an essential service to patients that need symptom relief after a terminal diagnosis.

But just in case, California did write a letter to Washington to help hospitals avoid any kind of legal repercussions from the federal government. 

Read: “Ryan’s Law in California Allows Hospital Cannabis.”

Weed names for dogs

Atomic Dog Names for Inspiration

Bow wow wow… best throwback song ever for a dog person, George Clinton. If you are someone who lives and loves cannabis, naming your pets can be a source of even more smiles and giggles. We went looking for some cool dog (or cat) names for people who live la vita 420.

Also, why naming your dog after your roommate is probably not a good idea.

Read: “Top Pot Head Pet Names Inspired by 420 Culture”. 

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Two Ballot Initiatives for Proposed Adult-Use in Oklahoma in Marijuana News

The Boomer Sooner state is already known as the “wild west of weed.” Did you know that Oklahoma has more dispensaries per capita than California? With a fraction of the population. Oklahoma has been progressive on a number of points in order to rapidly grow the legalized medical cannabis industry.

But is Oklahoma ready for recreational weed? Many signs point to “absolutely.” Oklahoma is working on a two-year non-resident medical card. Yes, you could get your Oklahoma medical card even if you don’t live in the state. Visit, and enjoy your medical cannabis. But don’t try to take it home with you. Crossing the state border with cannabis is still a felony offense.

Driving through Oklahoma now, you cannot unsee the number of amazing dispensaries. It has rapidly become a central business growth and tax revenue opportunity for Oklahoma. What is it going to be like if they legalize recreational weed? Hello, cannabis tourism (Oklahoma has really great lakes and fishing). And possibly an even bigger spike in population, with more people moving to the state for cheap cost of living, and of course, legal cannabis.

Read: “Oklahoma Activists File Marijuana Legalization and Medical Cannabis Reform Initiatives for 2022 Ballot,” on Marijuana Moment.

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