Marijuana News Round-Up for October 22, 2021

Marijuana News Round-Up for October 22, 2021

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 10/22/2021 in News

Updated on November 22, 2021.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Marijuana News October 29, 2021 Marijuana Doctors

One of the big headlines in marijuana news this week is why the U.S. Post has dropped the hammer on shipping vape cartridges and rigs. What will that mean for businesses that sell vapes online? Get ready for more expensive shipping costs. 

Texas announces the official ban on Delta-8 products. That is bad news for patients with chronic pain and other conditions who have been legally using Delta-8—and waiting for Texas to expand the current restrictive medical cannabis program. 

We also talk about topics and look at why Oregon County called the National Guard about grow-ops. This and more on your October 22, 2021 news round-up from 

POSECCA Vape Mail US Post

No More USPS Mail Delivery for Vape Cartridges or Vaporizing Rigs 

Amazon may be celebrating. But things are about to get a little more expensive for the average consumer who likes to purchase vape cartridges, e-pipes, and rigs online. And that is because the federal government passed a new amendment about shipping vapes and paraphernalia, and the U.S.Postal Service had to comply.

What are you going to be able to still send by mail? Why you should NEVER send by mail to anyone (even someone living in the same state). Share the information with your friends. No one deserves a felony charge for mailing a CBD vape. 

Read:POSECCA Makes Vapes Illegal to Mail by U.S. Post.”

New York Cannabis Plant Seizures Plummet 

It is really surprising to learn that law enforcement raids of illegal cannabis grow operations have declined in New York? Adult use is now legalized in the state. The decline in attacks, busts, and seizures of cannabis plants in the peak growing season (August to October) has almost dropped off the map. 

And that is a good thing. On the scale of spending law enforcement resources, busting cannabis grow-ups was always worth it. New York (and other states) strived to keep organized crime out of the legal cannabis business. 

Found by helicopter flyby first, did you know that NY law enforcement pays $1,000 per hour for helicopter operations? It is expensive running a constant “seek and destroy” against grow operations. 

In 2020, there were 4,424 plants seized, and 219 cases of illegal grow operations investigated, charged, and shut down. The 2020 operations also included 152 drug cultivation arrests. In 2021, the number of plants seized dropped to 1,628 and only 71 overall cases, with four arrests. 

Read more on the TimesUnion

THC Topicals
(Deposit Photos)

Can You Get High from Using a THC-Infused Cream?

Maybe. But let’s put it this way. Your skin would have to be open, and you would have to use a truckload of topicals to get a psychoactive brain buzz. But THC infused cream can bring all the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids to the body. Even when applied topically to the area of inflammation, pain, or discomfort.

You may have a lot of questions about using THC-infused topicals. And we have all the answers in this new blog article. Find out if you could benefit from combining topicals and other types of medical cannabis to help. How to use cannabis topicals, and how they work. 

Read:7 Things You Need to Know About Topicals”.

Oregon cannabis growing illegal

Too Close to the Green Triangle: South Oregon Has a Problem

If you are not familiar with the Green or Emerald Triangle, California’s zone produces much of the state’s iconic herb. The region includes Humboldt County, Trinity County, and Mendocino County.  These regions are frequently in the marijuana news for producing high volumes of California bud.

But California is well policed. So, Cartels have moved into neighboring Southern Oregon and have become a big problem. How big? One month this year, Oregon law enforcement found and closed 100 unlicensed grow-operations. Where is all the weed being illegally grown in Oregon going anyhow? Is it a black market supply chain for processors? 

We’re not kidding. Both Oregon and Douglas County in Oregon asked for federal reserves and to declare a state of emergency. That is because so many illegal cannabis-growing operations are popping up everywhere. 

Also, check out the ‘fun facts’ section to find out how much Facebook donated to help legalize adult use in the state of Oregon. And why.

Read:Oregon Where Anything Goes Has Grow Woes.”

Delta-8 Ban Texas Medical Marijuana

Oh Great! Delta-8 is Now Illegal in the Lonestar State

Ask a patient living in Texas how they feel about the state’s ‘barely there’ medical cannabis program. You will probably get an earful about how crumby it is. And what is even more frustrating for Texans is taking a short drive over the border to Oklahoma. By contrast, the Boomer Sooner State is the wild west of weed. 

While waiting for legislators in Texas to come to their senses. Or be pressured by voters. Or be replaced by midterm elections and significantly expand the medical cannabis program, patients found a workaround. The legal use of Delta-8 products, which were sold everywhere. From gas stations to tobacco stores and headshops. 

In May, there was a near-miss for Delta-8. The vote failed to pass the House of Representatives that would have banned Delta-8 products. Before summer session anyhow. But in October, the ban of Delta-8 products came quickly. Reminding residents of Texas that possession of any THC product is a felony or misdemeanor offense. 

Oils and other manufactured THC products in Texas carry a heavier penalty, even for first-time offenders. Every aspect of Delta-8 is manufactured, however. From edibles to moonrocks, vapes, and tinctures. So, technically, possession of Delta-8 could be a felony offense. 

Depending on where you live, of course. According to marijuana news, cities like Austin and Dallas have restricted police arrests for THC possession as long as the amounts are small and for personal use. But now, patients who are already frustrated with the 1% THC cap on medical cannabis in Texas are fuming because Delta-8 is no longer an option. 

This could make midterm and gubernatorial elections in November 2022 very interesting in Texas. The state is ready for change, surrounded by other states with successful medical cannabis and dispensary service to patients. Will this be enough for Texans to demand a ‘real’ medical cannabis program?

Read: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Texas Bans Delta-8”. 

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