Marijuana News Round-Up December 3, 2021

Marijuana News Round-Up December 3, 2021

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 12/03/2021 in News

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This week in marijuana news, Minnesota patients get another reason to look forward to the new year.  In other states, laws that would limit the potency of THC are being discussed.  Are there health risks associated with the regular use of concentrates?

If you have just got your medical card, you may be thinking about different types of cannabis at your local dispensary.  Don’t miss our how-to guide on using tinctures the right away and why so many patients love them.  And a patient’s personal experience using Delta-8 versus Delta-10 THC for pain management.

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Minnesota Edibles Legalized Marijuana Doctors

First Smokable Cannabis Now Edibles: Why Patients Are Celebrating in Minnesota

If you live in Minnesota, two important changes to the medical cannabis program are to look forward to.  It has been legally expanded to allow for smokable cannabis.  And edibles have been legalized for sale, starting in 2022. 

For patients living in Minnesota, this is a big win.  The cost of cannabis products (vapes, tablets, tinctures, and creams) is very expensive right now.  Smokable flower is a more affordable option. And legalization of both edibles and raw cannabis bud is going to have a pleasant side-effect; it may help substantially lower the cost of all cannabis products in dispensaries. 

Read: “Minnesota Edibles Coming Soon for Patients.”

High Potency Cannabis Health Risks

Marijuana News: Why Are Some States Planning a Cap on THC Potency?

In Colorado, the cases of cannabis toxicity requiring medical care (and hospitalization) have increased.  Health officials have stated that there is a correlation between the use of high-potency cannabis concentrates.  And they are concerned. 

Cannabis overdose is different and less life-threatening than other controlled substances and recreational drugs.  That does not mean it is safe for everyone to use.  What prescription medications conflict with cannabis? 

You may not know if you have a health condition that makes cannabis use unsafe.  One of the benefits of having a medical card is a doctor-supervised treatment plan.  Medical advice and monitoring to make sure that your therapeutic use of medical marijuana is safe. 

Cannabis can have temporary side effects, and not much is known about the effects of long-term use.  But what researchers do want us to know is the risk factors go up when you use cannabis concentrates regularly. 

Read: “5 Health Risks of High Potency Cannabis”. 

Cannabis Tinctures Recipes Marijuana Doctors

Talking About Tinctures for Medicinal Use 

Can we give tinctures a little love? They are not the coolest product you will find in the dispensary.  But for many people, tinctures are more convenient to use and just as effective as any other kind of medical marijuana. 

Some people try tinctures and feel they don’t get the same results as they do with other medical cannabis products.  That could be because you are not using tinctures the right away.  We share the best method for sublingual uptake.  And also resources and recipes to create your tinctures at home. 

Read: “How-To Use Tinctures the Right Way.” 

Delta-10 Vape

Why is Delta-10 THC Popular for Daytime Use?

When you live in a state that has an almost non-existent medical cannabis program? You need to look for legal options to help manage your symptoms. And for many patients with chronic pain, Delta-THC products may help. 

Delta-8 is the rockstar semi-synthetic THC.  It’s the one you hear most about and see advertised as vapes, gummies, or moonrocks. But if you tried Delta-8 and found yourself feeling too drowsy with a strong Indica-like effect? Delta-10 THC may be a better choice. 

One of our writers shares a personal review of Delta-10 versus Delta-8 for neuropathic pain.  And which legal product she chooses to help manage her pain symptoms.  Expect to hear more about Delta-THC products in marijuana news, as states determine whether they should be regulated like hemp or cannabis. 

Read: “Op-Ed: Delta-10 Sativa Was Very Different Than Delta-8”. 

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