Marijuana News Round-Up December 17, 2021

Marijuana News Round-Up December 17, 2021

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 12/17/2021 in News

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This week in marijuana news, an exciting new study suggests CBD + THC could work best for reducing seizures from epilepsy. When you visit the local convenience store, why aren’t there more CBD snacks and beverages? It’s because the federal government doesn’t recognize cannabidiol as a legal ingredient. But new legislation may change that in 2022.

Guess who we caught up with? The amazing people at Dynavap. If you are looking to level up your smoke, or economize by reducing wasted roast and toast in your bowl, you have to learn more about their vaporizers. 

All this and more in your cannabis news round-up for December 17, 2021, from

Seizures and Cannabis

Marijuana News: New UK Study Sees 86% Reduction in Epileptic Seizures 

Using cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy symptoms is nothing new. It’s been a common treatment in ancient medicine dating back to 1800 BC. And while the FDA has approved a compounded drug derived from cannabis, whole-flower may hold more treatment value.  It could work far better for patients. 

A new study published by researchers in the United Kingdom hypothesizes that whole-flower could hold more promise. That is cannabidiol (CBD) and THC combined. Particularly for children with intractable epilepsy. Where other treatments have been ineffective. 

Read:New Study Suggests Raw Cannabis Works Better for Children With Epilepsy”. 

M Starter Pack

Everything You Wanted to Know About Dynavap Vaporizers

If you go to a smoke shop or dispensary, chances are you will see Dynavap products. The vaporizers and induction heating accessories are the stuff legends are made of. For people who use cannabis recreationally, or medicinally that is. 

What is different about smoking with a Dynavap? Our interview dives into the construction of Dynavap batteryless vaporizers. The durable construction of their pipes, and why you may never have to touch a lighter or torch again to smoke cannabis. 

Patients looking to economize on cannabis use may see up to 50% less waste, using a Dynavap. And that means stretching your monthly medical marijuana limit. And your budget too. Did we mention they are virtually indestructible?

Enjoy our in-depth interview and browse some of the styles and products, including the Orion Induction (no flame) heater from Dynavap. And how they are easier to use for patients that may have problems using conventional bongs or pipes. 

Read:Level Up Your Smoke: Interview With Dynavap”.

St. Louis Missouri Cannabis Laws

Marijuana News: Major City in Missouri Says ‘No More Cannabis Charges for Personal-Use’

What happens when the legislation to legalize cannabis gets mired in red tape? Cities in the state begin to exercise decriminalization of marijuana in their own jurisdictions. It happened in California and Texas. Now, the St. Louis Missouri Mayor has said no to small quantity drug charges for residents.

Read: “St. Louis Missouri Mayor Decriminalizes Cannabis”.

CBD Drink Can - Linsday Fox CC

Get Ready for Legalized CBD Products at Your Local Store

Sure, you can find cannabidiol (CBD) oil anywhere. Also, supplements and gummies. But did you know that CBD is still not recognized as a legal food ingredient? And that leaves manufacturers wide-open to get into trouble with the federal government.

However, things may be changing soon. New bipartisan legislation aimed at addressing the issue, could make cannabidiol an official ingredient. For foods, beverages, and of course, wellness products. 

Read:Proposed CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act a Game Changer”.


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