Marijuana News Round-Up

Marijuana News Round-Up

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 07/09/2021 in Medical Marijuana

marijuana news round-up

Here is your weekend marijuana news roundup for the week of July 9, 2021, and headlines from

Weed delivery? There’s an app for that! And of course, the first company to be added to the AppStore would be in California. States are raking in significant tax revenues after legalizing adult-use (recreational) cannabis. Anyone surprised? We’re not. But where does all the tax money go? 

Ladies, there is a new article on our blog that you should read if you are experiencing chronic pain or pronounced symptoms of PMS. Is it just premenstrual syndrome? Or is it a more serious and underdiagnosed disorder called PMDD?

Apple Allows Dank Delivery on the AppStore

Most search engines and social media networks ban advertising by any business that is ‘cannabis touching.’ That means cultivators, seed growers, and of course, dispensaries. If you are a cannabis-touching business, it can be tough to promote your business.

Delivery services take off in states like California, Colorado, Maryland, Nevada, Arizona, Arkansas, New York, and Vermont. And it doesn’t get more ‘cannabis touching’ than being the business that delivers dispensaries to door. So, the news that Apple is now allowing cannabis delivery apps on the AppStore? That was exciting to the medical and adult-use industry, dispensaries, and small businesses specializing in delivery services.

We know what you are thinking; it must be Nirvana to order a pizza and your weed for delivery on a Friday night. But delivery services are essential for health equity and access to care. Many patients have mobility challenges that restrict their ability to travel to a dispensary. Some patients are hesitant to visit any retail location during the COVID-19 health crisis, particularly those who are immune-compromised and most at risk.

The approved company is no small timer. It is Eaze, and they have more than 2 million registered users requesting delivery in most major cities in California. The full menu of cannabis products is available through Eaze, from concentrates to pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and bud.

If you are in California and have a medical card or a recreational cannabis user, check out Eaze to see if they deliver in your neighborhood. And now that Apple has opened the AppStore to a cannabis business? Expect to see a few more coming soon. And not just on the AppStore. We’re sure Google will follow suit.

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Can You Take Back Your Sleep With Indicas? 

Before you get all excited and head to your local medical cannabis dispensary, this is something that you need to review with your primary care provider (PCP).  Indica cannabis has a sedative effect. Many patients use it to replace prescription sleep aids, because cannabis can have fewer side effects. 

A new study published in April 2021, claims that there are more than 70 million Americans living with transient insomnia.  And another 10%, or roughly 700,000 Americans who have chronic or long-term sleep disorders.  

How does sleep deprivation impact your health? In some surprising ways.  There are several approaches to treat chronic insomnia.  Review the facts and then talk to your doctor sooner (not later) about your sleep disorder. Your health depends on it! 

Read the article on our blog, and share it with anyone you know who is suffering from chronic insomnia.   

In Marijuana News: Recreational Weed Made $8 Billion in State Taxes

Why would a state want to legalize adult-use, when it already has a medical marijuana program that works for patients? Well, it does come down to dollars and cents. Of course, there are the social equity benefits too, which matter greatly—creating funds to undo some of the damage caused to people of color (POCs) by cannabis arrest bias. According to marijuana news sources. Because that damage has been generational and one of the sources of prejudice and poverty in black American communities.

Let’s get back to the money. That is the driver. And one of the other altruistic benefits of legalizing recreational weed is the tax revenues. States will (and have almost unilaterally) charged more taxes to adult-use buyers. Not that people complain (that much) once cannabis is legalized. But what happens to all that tax money?

A new report from the Marijuana Policy Project discloses how much tax revenue states with adult use are earning. And it’s an impressive number. But with states like Washington charging 37% tax on recreational cannabis? And demand exceeding supply in many adult-use states? Cannabis may be the real hero of the Covid-19 pandemic, providing a much-needed influx of funds for states otherwise struggling with rising healthcare costs. And reduced tourism revenues.

Women's health cannabis
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When It’s More Than Just “A Few Cramps” Cannabis is Revolutionizing Women’s Health

Do you feel that women’s health issues are often disregarded by Western Medicine? There are many marijuana news articles that say American women experience barriers to care, including financial cost, fear, lack of access to transportation, and more. And then sometimes, women feel that practitioners do not always listen. Have a hot bath, take two Advil and call me if it gets worse?

Patient self-care is constantly evolving, particularly for women in North America. You are your own best and most powerful health advocate! And that means taking the time to research marijuana news and different approaches to symptom management that work best for you as well as finding a practitioner that will listen to you and help you achieve your wellness goals.

So, is it just bad cramps and munchies, or do you have PMDD? Only your doctor can say for sure, but you’ll find some good information in our latest article. And some things you may want to discuss at your next appointment.

Head over to our blog to look at seven (7) innovative ways that cannabis can help women better manage their symptoms. From migraines to insomnia, and even revving up your sex life? Talk to your doctor about getting a medical card. Try a new and natural alternative to pain and anti-inflammatory medications. 

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