Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Patient Rights


Medical marijuana use is still a controversial topic with some parts of the general public. People hold their beliefs about drugs based on old ideas or propaganda, and they can be reluctant to change with the times. It’s hard for some people to accept the new information available now co Read More

Is It Legal to Drink While Using Medical Marijuana?


Most states that have legalized medical marijuana laws prohibit the concurrent use of alcohol. This is primarily because using medical marijuana and alcohol at the same time can lead to injury, illness and, in very rare cases, death. Additionally, there is some evidence to support the clai Read More

An In-Depth Look at Cannabis Tourism


MarketWatch reports that travel site searches for Denver vacations increased nearly 75 percent in the year after the state legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Washington and Oregon saw similar search increases after it was legalized there as well. What does that tell you? Read More

Cannabis and Self-Esteem: Weed Out the Negative Thoughts


Low self-esteem affects nearly everyone at some point in their life, for varying durations of time. Constantly questioning your self-worth, however, is not healthy or normal. The effects of low self-esteem can include: Disrespect for yourself, along with a propensity to allow others t Read More

How to Identify Old Marijuana


If maintained and stored properly, cannabis can have an indefinite shelf life. A high level of care, however, has to be in practice for all stages of the plant’s life — from the growth and harvesting to processing and sale. People who buy marijuana have virtually no control over how Read More

Tips for Educating Your Family on Medical Marijuana


Marijuana is a political topic in recent years that has some emotion attached to it for some people. People who use marijuana and find it harmless feel discriminated against by laws that ban the substance, while alcohol is openly consumed. Many people believe alcohol is a far more dangerou Read More

What is the Difference Between Different Types of Cannabis?


Marijuana can come in many different forms, flavors and strands — and the choices can be overwhelming for people seeking relief for certain medical conditions, but fear not. has the low down on the most common types of cannabis and what you will likely experience fro Read More

Prescription Drugs Based on Cannabis


Medical marijuana has been under an intense spotlight for years, but you might not know that many of the prescription drugs you take may already contain cannabis. These are just a few of the drugs on the market containing chemicals that are either found in the cannabis plant or are similar Read More

Is Medical Marijuana Good for the Environment?


It’s well-known that growing pot for medicinal use can bring a positive economic impact to states where it is legal, but you might not realize it can be beneficial for the environment as well. These are just a few of those benefits. Bringing Marijuana Operations out in the Open Illegal Read More

A Guide to 2017 Cannabis Conferences


Attending an industry conference is one of the best ways to understand the subject matter at hand. There’s only so much learning you can do by reading books, blogs, white papers or news articles. Expert speakers can give you new perspectives and keep you abreast of any notable industry c Read More

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