Understanding THC Crystals: Is THCa Legal?


Laws regarding cannabis have changed over the last decade. Today, in 2023, we have 40 states plus Washington, D.C., with legal medical cannabis programs and 23 states plus Washington, D.C., with legal recreational cannabis. Hemp, a type of cannabis, is legal across the nation again after d ... Read More

Weed Decarboxylation: How to Decarb Cannabis


This article was originally published on If you’ve ever eaten raw cannabis flower hoping to get high, you were probably disappointed. That's because you need to decarb your cannabis first.  THC (the chemical compound responsible for the “high” and psychoactive eff ... Read More

HHS Suggests Revising Cannabis Classification to Schedule III


Did you hear? Cannabis may soon receive a new scheduling classification per the Controlled Substances Act. On August 29th, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) officially recommended that cannabis classification be rescheduled from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule III drug ... Read More

THC Lean: Do Cannabis-Infused Syrups Have Legitimate Medical Benefits?


As the legalization and acceptance of cannabis continue to expand, so does the diversity of cannabis-infused products available to consumers. One such product that has gained popularity in recent years is THC Lean. While it may seem like a recreational novelty at first glance, THC Lean is ... Read More

Limonene Terpene Effects: From Aromas to Potential for Stress and Anxiety


Imagine peeling a fresh lemon or slicing open a ripe orange. The burst of fragrance that fills the air is both refreshing and soothing. But have you ever wondered why certain smells make you feel good? The connection between aromas and emotions is a fascinating journey into our sensory exp ... Read More

Elevate Your Experience: Bong and Water Pipe Smoking Techniques


Hitting a bong is simple and straightforward–but there can be more to it than just packing and inhaling.  There are different ways to smoke a bong that you may not have heard of or considered. Let’s explore the world of water pipes, learning a bit about them and some different ways to ... Read More

First-Time Grower’s Toolkit: Setting Up for Success in Growing Cannabis


Growing cannabis is awesome when you do it correctly. You can get delectable flavor profiles, bountiful yields, and strong effects from homegrown cannabis. You can also save a lot of cash by growing your own stash. If you want to learn to grow cannabis, the best way to do this is by jumpin ... Read More

Live Resin vs. Rosin: A Medical Perspective on Cannabis Concentrate Therapies


In the world of cannabis, there are many terms for the various products available and the multiple methods of consumption. Concentrates and extracts commonly reference a cannabis product made by extracting concentrated levels of plant compounds into a consumable product most often consumed ... Read More

Tips for Harvesting Cannabis for Maximum Potency


When it comes to getting the most from harvesting cannabis plants, you want to harvest them at the right time. Knowing when to harvest requires knowledge about the specific strain of cannabis you're cultivating. Strain lineage gives you essential insight and information about the strai ... Read More

A Closer Look at the Safety Concerns Regarding Vaping Cannabis


Vaping cannabis is a very popular consumption method that has been widely embraced by individuals globally. This method of utilizing cannabis has long been thought to be the safer option in comparison to smoking dried plant material. However, that thinking has started to change in recent y ... Read More

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