5 Fun Things You Did Not Know About ‘420’


420 is the day that is essentially the most cherished holiday of the year in cannabis culture—celebrated for five decades as a code that few people (except maybe law enforcement) understood as a day when marijuana would be celebrated. As if we needed one single day when every day is a g ... Read More

Celebrating ‘The Bellamy Brothers’ and Trulieve One-Year Anniversary (Interview)


*The following editorial content is not paid advertising. You’ve heard their songs. From the iconic “Let Your Love Flow” to the song that made everyone smirk, “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me.” The Bellamy Brothers burst onto the music sce ... Read More

Snoop Dogg and Billionaire Charles Koch Create The Cannabis Freedom Alliance


He’s not a businessman. He’s a business, man. That is definitely true for Snoop Dogg who has been a vocal advocate for cannabis legalization. Snoop started Merry Jane, the 420 digital media platform in 2015 with Ted Chung. He was also an early investor in Eaze, which is now California ... Read More

South Dakota Says “Yes” to Telemedicine But Not for MMJ


In November 2020, 69% of voters in South Dakota approved medical marijuana. But the fight for medical cannabis and expanded patient services has been an uphill battle since then. There has been staunch opposition to the new medical cannabis program. It’s been more of a battle in Sout ... Read More

Recreational Weed is Coming to New York


On Sunday, March 28th, the Associated Press released the news that people in New York state have been waiting for. Recreational weed will be another reason to love the Empire State. It is estimated that recreational legalization could bring in another $350 million in tax revenues annuall ... Read More

Grow Vertical! Mind-Blowing Living Walls of Weed


You have seen one home-grow rig; you have seen them all, right? Well, what works for most indoor plants will also work for cannabis. With some minor tweaking of technique and environmental controls, you could create your own ‘wall of weed’ or living walls with the number of adult plan ... Read More

7 Prescriptions That Don’t Mix With Medical Marijuana


In general, cannabis may not present a conflict with most prescription medications. However, it is important to consult with a medical professional and disclose cannabis use when you are taking prescriptions. Physicians and pharmacists may not ask you if you have a medical card.  And if ... Read More

11 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD Gummies


Sponsored content from FIVE®. Get a free bottle for the cost of shipping and try quality CBD gummies. Everyone is talking about CBD gummies. Now that hemp-derived CBD products are federally legalized (as long as they have 0.30% or less THC). There are many people who live in states w ... Read More

Botanical Cannabis to Get ‘Green Light’ in Virginia


Did you know that the two types of medical cannabis that are always in demand are edibles and smokable flower?  It is not hard to understand why people enjoy the two methods of intake of botanical cannabis.  Edibles are easy to consume, and smokable flower is enjoyable for some. ... Read More

Self-Care Sunday: Pairing Rich Terpenes and Cannabis


If you watch VICE, you have probably seen a show or two about cannabis restaurants. They are very few right now across the United States. Federal prohibition and food safety regulations conflict (go figure) and presents a challenge to chefs who want to provide cannabis-infused gourmet mea ... Read More

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