Marijuana News Round-Up for August 13th, 2021

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 08/13/2021 in CBD Resources

marijuana news round-up

Why does Oklahoma have more dispensaries than California? Thinking about experimenting in the kitchen and trying to make your own CBD or THC-infused topicals? We provide how-to tips and some recipes you can try at home—all this and more in your marijuana news round-up for August 13, 2021.

Marijuana News: Wisconsin Senator Melissa Agard Announces Push for Cannabis Legalization: From a Dispensary in Illinois?

Three Wisconsin members of the House of Representatives and Senate in Wisconsin marched over the Illinois state line to make a statement. They headed to a dispensary in South Beloit, Illinois, close to the border of Wisconsin. And they were hosted by Beloit City Council President Clinton Anderson.

The much-awaited announcement will be exciting to cannabis advocates in Wisconsin. The lawmakers revealed that they had filed a new Bill to legalize adult-use cannabis for Wisconsin residents. The new Bill proposes a maximum of two ounces of marijuana to cap legal possession and permission for adults to grow up to six cannabis plants. In the new Bill, visitors to Wisconsin would not be allowed to possess more than ¼ ounce of cannabis.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers included the launch of both a medical and adult-use cannabis program in his two-year state budget plan. But the Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader (Devin LeMahieu) stated in April 2021 that legalization for adult-use or medical cannabis would not become law anytime in 2021.

In a 2019 poll from the Marquette University Law School, 83% of Wisconsin residents supported legalizing medical marijuana. And 59% of citizens were in support of adult-use (recreational) legalization.

Will medical marijuana and adult-use programs launch in Wisconsin at the same time as South Dakota? Patients are hoping for movement on legalization before 2022.

Cannabis Business Oklahoma

Oklahoma Has More Dispensaries Than California?

We didn’t believe it either. So, we did a little digging and found out some surprising stats. Did you know that California has about twenty-one (21) dispensaries per 100,000 residents? But in Oklahoma, there are forty-nine (49) medical marijuana dispensaries for every 100,000 patients. And Oklahoma has just over 10% of the state population that California has.

Even though the Sooner state has many dispensaries, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has no plans to cap or limit business licenses. Setting up as a cultivator, processor, or dispensary retailer of medical cannabis products could be more accessible in Oklahoma than in any other state in the country.

How can such a low population density in the state support so many dispensaries? Check out the updated list of licensed businesses released by OMMA in 2021. There are 575 pages of them, and it provides some perspective on why it’s hard to drive anywhere in Oklahoma and not see a cannabis farm or dispensary.

Read: “How Many Cannabis Businesses Can Oklahoma Support?”

Marijuana News: Military Veterans in Southern United States Fed Up with Restrictive (Or Non-Existent) Medical Marijuana Programs

Taking care of our American military veterans is a priority. After their sacrifice, and return home, often with debilitating physical or mental health injuries that need consideration. But many veterans find that their wellness needs are not being met between the Veteran’s Affairs medical program and restrictions. And they want more options.

In 2020, the V.A. (Veteran’s Affairs) stated that it was illegal for any V.A. Doctor to ‘prescribe’ medical cannabis to retired soldiers.  The reason is that cannabis remains federally prohibited. And the V.A. is a program and service funded by the federal government.

Veterans have more options in states that have progressive medical cannabis programs, like Colorado, California, Oklahoma, and Illinois. They can explore medical marijuana to treat a variety of conditions, from combat injuries and neuropathy to mental health conditions like depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

A non-profit was formed called “NC Families for Medical Cannabis.”  Veterans founded it in North Carolina, a state known for being dedicated to military families. North Carolina has eight military bases and maintains one of the largest populations of veterans in the country.  

The NC Families for Medical Cannabis are rallying the troops and votes to encourage the launch of an MMJ program in North Carolina, according to marijuana news. And they feel NC lawmakers need to evaluate how important the option of medical cannabis is for veterans with chronic pain and mental health needs.

Homemade CBD Cream

How-To DIY Your Own CBD and THC Topical Creams Oils and Soaps

In the past five years, there has been a flood of new consumer products infused with CBD. But can you trust that the contents inside the bottle match the label? Unless you are purchasing your CBD creams, salves, and other topicals from a dispensary, you may not be getting a clinical-grade full-spectrum cannabidiol product. And if you do find some, they may be a little more money than you want to spend.  The real stuff isn’t cheap.

That might be a great argument to try to make your topicals at home. You could make bubble bath or bath oil, skin cream, or lotion to help with localized pain and inflammation. Add some organic or concentrated terpene extracts, and you can create topicals in your kitchen.

Read: “Guide to Make CBD Topicals At Home

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