Botanical Cannabis to Get ‘Green Light’ in Virginia


Did you know that the two types of medical cannabis that are always in demand are edibles and smokable flower?  It is not hard to understand why people enjoy the two methods of intake of botanical cannabis.  Edibles are easy to consume, and smokable flower is enjoyable for some. ... Read More

Self-Care Sunday: Pairing Rich Terpenes and Cannabis


If you watch VICE, you have probably seen a show or two about cannabis restaurants. They are very few right now across the United States. Federal prohibition and food safety regulations conflict (go figure) and presents a challenge to chefs who want to provide cannabis-infused gourmet mea ... Read More

Patients Hesitant to Discuss Cannabis With PCPs


A new study was published in the Journal of Cannabis Research that presents some interesting but unsurprising insights. The “Communication between healthcare providers and medical cannabis patients regarding referral and medication substitution” was published by the University of Mich ... Read More

Kansas Pushes Ahead on Cannabis Decriminalization


Kansas has not moved forward on cannabis legalization to join the thirty-six other states that have legalized medical cannabis. Currently, for residents of Kansas, all forms of cannabis are illegal. Only CBD products are authorized for clinical use, to treat health conditions. Like man ... Read More

Missouri Proposes ‘Right to Try’ for MDMA and Psilocybin


Lawmakers in the state of Missouri may leap into a new level of decriminalization and legalization of federally prohibited Schedule 1 drugs. We are not just talking about cannabis either. Missouri would be the third state in America to protect the ‘right to try’ for citizens when it c ... Read More

Self-Care Sunday: YouTube Yoga for Stress Relief


The Self-Care Sunday series from provides insights and creative how-to suggestions to help everyone put personal wellness first. Do you have a suggested topic for our editorial team? Email us at: Nothing has challenged the limits of our ... Read More

8 Reasons to Keep Your Medical Card When Your State Legalizes Recreational


Get a Medical Card 100% Online (In Most States!) Having a medical card means some advantages that can make caring for health conditions easier.  To qualify for a medical card, there are many steps you have to take.  First, you have to have one of the approved diagnosed health ... Read More

Virginia Pushes Back Cannabis Legalization to 2024


In Virginia, lawmakers have been busy addressing different aspects of cannabis legalization in the state. In February 2021, the Virginia General Assembly reviewed a number of measures to take legalization of medical cannabis forward. Virginia will be the first Southern state in America to ... Read More

Is Cannabis Ruderalis a Better Choice for Anxiety?


Life with anxiety can be difficult. And also hard to quantify the daily symptoms because they can vary. First, there are different types of anxiety. Everyone can go through stressful periods where they experience ‘circumstantial’ depression or anxiety. When bad things happen, we’re ... Read More

Oklahoma Adds Two Year Extension to Non-Resident Medical Cards


On February 19, 2021, Carmen Forman for the Oklahoman reported some exciting news. The Oklahoma House had just approved extending the length of visitor medical marijuana cards.  Licenses that are provided for non-residents, living outside of the state of Oklahoma. The Oklaho ... Read More

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