Level Up Your Smoke: Interview With Dynavap

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 12/16/2021 in News

Dynavap Interview Marijuana Doctors

At marijuanadoctors.com, we want to bring patients practical information they can use. We had the opportunity to interview Dynavap, one of America’s leading cannabis accessory manufacturers.  And what they had to share about using Dynavap technology to make using medical cannabis safer and more convenient.

Joining us for the interview was Eric Olson, CEO of Dynavap. And Rick Ray, Director of Marketing. 

1. Tell us a little bit about who founded your company? When did you determine that there was a need for your products in the American marketplace, and what makes your dry herb vaporizer different?

[Eric]: George Breiwa founded the company in 2014.  He invented the product in his basement. He was seeking a way to enjoy cannabis for anyone in his own scenario. He is about the same age I am, 45-50, and growing up in Wisconsin, in bars and restaurants, smoke was prevalent. This was not a match for George from the start; smoke irritated him at a young age.

After high school, George went on to the Navy. Nicotine habits are very prevalent in the Navy as well. The irritation surrounding smoke persisted and now increased frequency in confined areas.  When he exited the Navy, he then could also enjoy cannabis on occasion.  Most common consumption methodologies in social settings were joints and bongs, consumption through combustion. He was simply eager to find a way around that.

George thoroughly investigated other ways. At that time, battery-operated vaporizers were just gaining popularity in the market.  George was on a quest to find something less complicated. He experimented for about a year and got to the point of realizing he could create an atmosphere where vapor would exist from the biomass of cannabis in a tube, apply heat and create a controlled environment extracting the vapor.  Simply apply conductive heat through a stable material releasing the vapor from the plant, following with a controlled airflow or convection extraction process for the vapor path to the body.  It doesn’t need to be a coil; it doesn’t have to be in a concentrated form either.  Using just dry flower.

Using glass pipes, he studied airflow and combustion. And how to effectively control the temperature of the combustion chamber. And that is the point when he created the cap – ‘The VapCap’, which is the trademark of our brand for DynaVap. George removed the ‘e’ on the end, differentiating our brand from the e-cigarette or battery-operated vapes.

VonG Dynavap Cannabis

Testing the Balance Between Conduction and Convection Heating for Cannabis Consumption

[Eric]: The challenge then was to figure out how to optimize the heat in the bowl and, during the process, let the user know when the vaporized cannabis was ready for consumption or inhalation. So, that is where the click comes into play. So he created the method where the cap itself has a temperature indicating click, which gives you an audible cue. And also a tactile ‘feel’ when the click goes off; at that moment, you know that you are up to the temperature where the vapor is created and ready for extraction.

It then cools down over time; you create the convection through the draw, reducing the heat for about 30 seconds.  Another click takes place on the cool-down cycle at 250F, indicating your material is dropping below the temperature range, and the compounds for inhaling are moving back in the plant.

George was truly trying to solve the problem of combustion and excessive smoke, particularly in social settings for healthy consumption practices, while offering an improved experience for the individual.

[Rick]:  What we like to say is that it is like a combustion-free experience.  Smoking without the smoke, essentially.

[Lori]: I was at a smoke shop last night, and they carry Dynavap products. The owners are huge fans.  But they said smoking with a Dynavap is kind of like ordering fajitas at a restaurant. When the waitress comes to the table with the sizzling plate, she tells you not to touch it, that it’s hot. And of course, 90% of people touch it.  So, they said that while they know how to properly use a Dynavap pipe when they pass one to someone who hasn’t used it in the past, the experience is the same.  At least for the first time, they may touch the heated area of the piece.

[Eric]: That is something we continuously educate on.  Why is the VapCap a valuable product for their life and lifestyle? But always how to use the product safely.

2. What is the difference between convection or conduction heated cannabis, and traditional methods, like using a conventional glass pipe or bong?

[Eric]:First and foremost, by not combusting the flower and going to a vaporizer extraction, you are going to see about a 50% increase in efficiency.  The CBD and THC compounds that exist which you are attempting to ingest into your body are entering your body in place of taking the plant to a temperature of combustion where the operator of the VapCap takes the temperature only to the point of exhalation of the active compounds existing in the plant matter and moves or mobilizes those compounds into your body, not creating an exothermic reaction of combustion into the atmosphere.  Think about it like the plant matter is breathing and exhaling active compounds with every warm breath of air.

[Lori]:  Is that true for the terps too?

[Eric]:That is true for the terps as well.

Lori: That’s a big deal for patients. Because you know the terpene profiles are where much of the medicinal and wellness benefits are. You are saving a lot more of the terpene compounds when you use a Dynavap device to smoke cannabis.

[Eric]:This also leads you to the use of a low temp cap.  Our standard captive cap has a temperature setting ranging from 250F to 425F for the consumption of cannabis. That ‘click’ again stops the operator from overheating. 

The terpenes release at a lower temperature creating the need and use of the low-temperature cap, where the high end of that cap range clicks at about 380F.  It tells you to stop heating at a lower temperature. You get more flavor and terpenes at a lower temperature. If you are a terp or flavor chaser, you want to use the low temp cap on your Dynavap. It is on-demand efficiency.

You are only heating what you need.  Our bowl is a .10 gram packed, unlike other dry herb vaporizers that have a bowl holding .25 or .30 grams—wasting less cannabis and using what you have packed into the bowl more efficiently.

M Starter Pack

3. Do you think that using a dry herb vaporizer is healthier than water pipes? Why or why not? Dynavap has a reputation for durability. What are your vaporizers made from?

[Eric]: Is it healthier than using a glass pipe with combustion? I would say absolutely yes. You are not lighting your product on fire. The other piece about a water pipe, you start with a sterile environment and use it once or twice.  But with all the available surface area in combination with water and moisture, it becomes less sterile. 

We know that many people prefer to use a water pipe, which is why we recommend using a Dynavap VonG as the Bowl of the glass pipe. Some people like the higher temperature and large clouds of smoke. So they want to take that product beyond the click and connect the piece to the water pipe. And, of course, you suction airflow into the water pipe. And now it’s a chilled and thick vapor extraction.

[Lori]:  Does a Dynavap get cold? Like a chillum? Can you put it in the fridge for cold smoke?

[Eric]: Oh, certainly. Now, you are going to raise the temperature when you heat the tip.  And that will raise the temperature of the vapor.  But the inhalation will be a little cooler.  You can even put it in the freezer. There would be no damage to the piece.

We are actually preparing to do a promotion with a Yeti bong called “The Chill.” It is set up like a Yeti. You can put ice in the bottom of it, attach our top piece, and enjoy. It is a combination bundled product with the Chill Bong and our DynaVap VonG.

Our Dynavap VonG has a 14mm and a 10mm adapter built into the mouthpiece. So you can use the VonG with any bong.

[Rick]:  I think that’s an important takeaway. You can use your Dynavap on its own.  But you can also use the adaptors with any bong or water piece you have. We promote using water pieces but using our VonG as an accessory.

Dynavap VonG


Cost $120

We created our analog vaporizer, the VonG, with real, sustainably sourced wood. We carefully sand, polish and wax the VonG by hand to showcase the exquisite wood body that was designed to mate perfectly with water pieces.

With zero electronic parts to worry about, you have the freedom to take your vaporizer wherever you go and the independence to use virtually any heat source. That means you can now enjoy consistent and flavorful vapor from your dry herb or concentrates (DynaCoil adaptor sold separately), all while stretching your stash.

4. How hard is it to clean a Dynavap piece?

[Eric]: It doesn’t take much to clean it.  Our VapCaps come apart easily, and they are actually dishwasher safe. You can also put it in a pot of water on the stove.  So you can sanitize them easily. You just remove the O-rings and hand clean them.  The other pieces can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol for a couple of hours and rinsed. This helps remove the residue from the herb and build-up.

[Rick]:  There is a lifetime value with our products. Unlike a glass pipe, Dynavap is durable. You are not going to have to worry about breaking it. We have done tests where we have run it over with a car, dropped the pieces, and it still works. It’s a high-quality item. 

[Lori]:  Yes, and you are not going to be replacing it because it is all gunked up, and you can’t get it clean. Or you are not going to be replacing it because it broke when you knocked it off the coffee table, and it smashed on you. It’s also safer, I think, when you have pets, etc.

5. When you load a Dynavap dry herb vaporizer with cannabis, what happens if the bud is sticky? Does it impact the draw or inhalation of the vape?

[Eric]: The heat is enough to solve the problem. But it really depends on how you have your bud ground.  The cap has a tool to dig out your bowl. And that is why the cap is the shape that it is. There is a little tab on the bottom of the cap. You can cut your bud inside of the tip to create your airflow path as long as you are not shutting off your airflow path.  So, you don’t want to have a tightly packed bowl because that would interrupt the airflow.

[Lori]:  So are you saying that with a dry herb vaporizer, you have to make sure the cannabis is dry? Or let it dry out a little before you use it?

[Eric]: Absolutely not.  You want to smoke that green herb and get all the flavors. Your first round of heat cycle, maybe even your second round, will take a little bit more to get that moisture out of the product. But your terpenes and your flavors are there. Enjoy them!

[Lori]:  I’m glad you said that. Because if we have to dry it, there are going to be some people who will be like “nooo!”.

[Eric]: Now, from your first or second heat cycle, you aren’t going to have a huge vapor cloud. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t inhaling or absorbing the terpenes that do exist and the THC and CBD. The humidity in the product is also being inhaled, which brings all the goodness into your body.


The Omni

Cost $220

DynaVap’s flagship device, The Omni. Made entirely in the USA from lightweight titanium that’s built to lastNotched dosing chamber functions as a built-in grinder. Adjust-a-Bowl feature allows you to adjust the size of the dosing chamber to your needs and is ideal for microdosing. A dial-indicator for a quick and easy visual airflow adjustment. The spiraled condenser adds additional cooling to the vapor as it passes through the device and a contoured design that fits perfectly in your hand for ease of use.

Comes with a Captive Cap and will fit in any XL size DynaStash.

Dynavap Omni

6. Can you use a Dynavap for cannabis concentrates?

[Eric]: You can. We have a DynaCoil. It’s a piece of titanium that is very thin as well. We blow about 1300 holes into it, and of course, put our logo on it, and we wrap it up. It’s similar to a nail [on a dabber]. It’s an elongated screen and coiled up. Wrapped up. 

[Rick]:  It’s almost a basket with a screen that fits in the tip.

Eric: The 1300 holes hold the shatter, the wax, the distillate, whatever you want to put in it. It’s going to drop into those holes and hold it in suspension.  And then you are going to proceed as you would with any other extraction. On a concentrate level, you may want to go a little past the click and get upwards for 475F or 500F.


DynaCoil Adapter

Cost $25

The DynaCoil is a precision-engineered concentrate adapter constructed from one continuous piece of medical-grade titanium. It is compatible with all DynaVap tips. It is designed for use with many full melt concentrates. The intricate construction holds concentrates in position while providing ample space for extraction.

Dynavap DynaCoil

[Lori]:  For people who are in serious pain who have been medically approved for concentrates, dabbing is complex.  This would make it a lot easier for them to manage. Or for a caregiver to administer. Dabbing with the nail head and the heat source and putting the product in a traditional dab rig is a lot of work. Dynavap really simplifies the process. It would be a much easier way to administer concentrates for compassionate care.

[Eric]: We should talk about induction heaters as well. Folks that may have difficulty using a torch or lighter can use our Dynavap Induction Heaters.  That makes it almost hands-free to operate.  The Induction Heater can be either wall or battery-powered, and it heats the cannabis quickly and precisely.  In medical care settings, where flame or torches are not safe to use, the Induction Heater is a solution.

You will have to drop your device into the coil of the Induction Heater.  You hear (and feel)  two clicks and then know the cannabis is ready to inhale.  It is as quick as using a torch.  A torch lighter can be intimidating for some folks; therefore, we wanted to solve that issue.

Cost $200

The Orion v2 is a pocket-sized battery-powered Induction Heater designed and engineered specifically for use with the DynaVap vaporizer. Enjoy smooth, fast, and consistent flavor in 4-6 seconds with either stainless steel or titanium tips. To operate, just insert your DynaVap vaporizer into the chamber until you hear the heat-up click. The Orion automatically detects the presence and removal of the DynaVap vaporizer.

An automatic shutoff feature limits heating to a maximum of 10 seconds at a time. Included with each Orion heater is an instruction guide, a 3-foot USB-C charging cable, and a custom DynaTec Zipper Case. Optional and not included: A USB-A power supply with 5v 2a for wall socket charging.

Dynavap Orion

6. Dynavap claims that the design of dry herb vaporizers helps reduce the waste of cannabis. Allowing customers to get more value and potentially use less cannabis to achieve the same results. How does that work?

[Eric]: If you are combusting cannabis through a conventional glass pipe, compared to a Dynavap, you will at least double if not triple the efficiency. That means you are incinerating less cannabis and getting more inhalation (and terpenes, flavonoids, and THC) from your draw.

[Lori]:  So, with Dynavap, you are using cannabis more efficiently.  Patients with a medical card have a limit to how much they can buy every month.  For most people, it is enough. But for patients with severe symptoms, it may not be.  So essentially, if they are using their cannabis more efficiently, they can maximize the benefit and reduce waste.  That’s huge for patients.  It could save them a lot of money.

[Eric]: Yes. It will pay for itself in weeks.

7. What is your top-selling product?

[Eric]: The M series.  Because the price point is low and affordable for everyone.


DynaVap M Series


The DynaVap “M” is our most popular battery-free dry herb vaporizer and has no electronic parts that can fail. This portable vaporizer gives you the freedom to use your device practically anywhere with any independent heat source, but for optimum flavor, we recommend a butane torch or Induction Heater.

Dynavap M

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