Is It Ethical to Deny MMJ To Those On Probation?


People can find themselves on the wrong side of the law, with a non-violent crime.  In February of 2020,  there were 2.3 million citizens incarcerated. About 80% of Americans will be placed on parole after serving a portion of their sentence.  In 2018 alone, there were over Read More

Defending Cannabis Benefits Over the Centuries


Never in human history has one plant been as socially polarizing as cannabis.  Is it a miraculous and natural cure that holds the key to healing pain and symptoms like muscular tremors and mood difficulties like anxiety, trauma, and depression? Or is it without merit for medicinal pu Read More

Psilocybin Oral Strips May Help Depression


Revive Therapeutics is the first American company to manufacture psilocybin oral strips.   While the products are not available for patients yet, the clinical trials are underway to test the efficacy of the dissolvable strips for mental health treatments. In many international loc Read More

5 Things That Decriminalization Would Change


At a time when the Federal government and states are feeling the pinch of economic loss because of Covid-19, a significant change may be coming.  One that could help increase tax revenues at all levels of government. And that shift may be the move towards the decriminalization of mar Read More

Kamala Harris “MORE” Supportive of MMJ Law Reform


In November 2020, American voters will be deciding on leadership for our country.  But another critical facet of the vote concerns cannabis legalization.  In a July 2019 Gallup survey, 12% of American adults reported that they used cannabis regularly.  That number (despite Read More

Pre-Rolls: It is Time to ‘Shake’ Up the Myths


We recently received a question on social media from a new medical cannabis patient.  The patient wondered why pre-rolls were less expensive sometimes than the whole flower.  And she asked if that meant pre-rolls were a lower quality in general.  She was concerned about whe Read More

Weedmaps Under Fire for Unlicensed Dispensaries


Weedmaps, the world’s largest global resource for cannabis news, reviews, and products, is now being investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).  The Canadian federal authorities were notified by a letter from eight (8) licensed dispensaries and cannabis business owne Read More

Rolling Papers May Not Be as Safe as We Think


Do you buy bleached or flavored rolling papers? If you do, you may want to check out the findings of this new research study. California based SC Laboratories Inc. just completed testing on 118 rolling paper brands and products and found at least one heavy metal in 90% of the papers.  Read More

Edibles For MMJ Patients Now Legal In Florida


The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) has a special announcement on August 26, 2020. Florida medical marijuana patients and dispensaries will be celebrating. The Florida OMMU has authorized manufacturing and sales of THC infused edibles.  The law has an administrative date o Read More

Delivery In CA: Get Your Weed Without Leaving Home


When you drive by your local marijuana dispensary (medical or recreational) in California, you probably see a crowd.  Sometimes you may even see a line-up on a day when there is a particular discount or giveaway.  It is hard to avoid the crowds sometimes at dispensaries.  Read More

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