Curaleaf Gets $50 Million in New Funding


An article on one of the largest and fastest-growing cannabis MSO’s appeared in the NASDAQ. Curaleaf is headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Curaleaf™ announced a significant expansion and the successful three-year credit facility received, valued at $50 million. The funding Read More

Free Cannabis to Curb Prison Overdose Deaths?


Regulators in the United Kingdom are proposing a revolutionary idea.   They are considering the plausibility of providing cannabis to inmates in Prison. Afron Jones, the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner called for a study, suggesting it may improve safety. Giving cannabis to in Read More

Child with Epilepsy Receives Lifetime MMJ License


Does anyone have the right to prohibit the use of alternative medicine that restores the quality of life for a patient? The story of Billy Caldwell and his family captured international attention after his mother was detained, and the cannabis oil was confiscated at Heathrow Airport in 20 Read More

Psilocybin Legalized in Oregon for Therapy Sessions


If you had to guess which state in America would be the first to legalize psilocybin, would you have thought Oregon? We assumed it would be California or Colorado that leaped first. But Oregon surprised everyone by legalizing psychedelics for therapeutic use.  On election day in N Read More

Adult-Use in NJ Is Legal: Why Get a Medical Card?


Whenever a state legalizes adult-use marijuana, patients start to wonder: “should I even have a medical card?”  After all, why go through all the steps involved in getting your New Jersey cannabis card. Especially since recreational dispensaries are going to be popping up every after Read More

Gift Ideas Celebrating Cannabis Culture


During the holiday and gifting seasons, many people want to get a 420-friendly gift.  The traditional grinder, vape, or accessory is kind of “been there done that” for most cannabis users.  Gift something different this year. Something your family or friends can enjoy at Read More

How Do MMJ Parents Handle Cannabis At Home?


Talking about cannabis and any restricted drug with children is essential. Some studies suggest that by the time a child is 14, they have already been approached to try cannabis, alcohol, or another controlled substance. How do MMJ parents handle the quandary? To talk about it, or to hide Read More

Amsterdam May Block Cannabis Tourism


The first time you may have heard about Amsterdam as the “capital city of cannabis” may have been in Pulp Fiction.  Who could imagine in 1994 (or even today) that the small Dutch city of just over 1 million people would become so popular? Despite decades as a tourism magnet fo Read More

Vermont Expands Laws to Decriminalize Cannabis


Getting the federal government to reschedule cannabis for patient use may be an uphill battle. One that may be years away from being realized because of resistance by federal lawmakers. But many states are moving ahead to expand laws that would decriminalize cannabis for personal use. And Read More

6 Marketing Tips for Cannabis Dispensaries


The medical marijuana industry and cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals may reach up to $14 billion (U.S.) in revenues in 2020. Those predictions about the rapid growth of the medical cannabis dispensaries sector were made before the Covid-19 health emergency. Social distancing and other fac Read More

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