Finding the right solution for a medical ailment can be daunting. That’s why has curated many different resources, readily available, for patients looking for the help they need. From research & case studies to medical marijuana uses and the symptom tracker + more. Click here to learn more.

MarijuanaDoctors Support: Patients

Resources for patients registered on the platform including video tutorials on how to schedule an appointment, how to use telehealth, and how to order directly from dispensaries. Click here to learn more.

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Symptom Tracker

Click to learn more about the symptom tracker, how to add your symptoms, how to use it and view all your data in order to understand what doctor or practice may best suit your needs and ailments.

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Resources For International Patients

From Argentina to Zambia, has resources for people looking to find out more about medical marijuana all over the globe. Many countries are adopting marijuana as a medical resource, so it’s good to know the right info before you engage.

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Research and Case Studies

Click to learn more about the medical cannabis industry, the benefits of medical marijuana, side effects, research, the history of medical marijuana, case studies, telemedicine, see case studies, and more.

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How To Use Medical Marijuana

Click to learn more about how to use medical marijuana, medical marijuana recipes, patient FAQ’s, treatable conditions, treating ailments resources and more.

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The Marijuana Plant

Click to learn more about the marijuana plant, including CBD vs. THC, CBD: THC ratios, the importance of the endocanaboid system, marijuana strains, marijuana growing, cannaboids, marijuana terpenes, phytocannaboids and more.

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Setting Up Your Appointment

Click to learn more about setting up your appointment, with checklists, doctor specialty glossaries, fraud alerts, how to get a marijuana prescription, how to get a medical marijuana card and more.

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News & Blog

Click to learn more about medical marijuana news happening all over the US and abroad including new laws and states that are legalizing medical marijuana as well as blog posts to learn more about the industry.

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Register As A Patient

Register as a patient to access the full features of Book appointments with a doctor and dispensary easily, track your symptoms while using medical marijuana, upload and share files with doctors and dispensaries & even more!

Learn More › is the industry leader in connecting doctors with patients looking for medical marijuana recommendations. With a wealth of information and resources for doctors from how to use, to registration and patient verification. Click here to learn more.

MarijuanaDoctors Support: Physicians

Resources for registered physicians using the website platform including video tutorials on how to use our telehealth portal, how to use our symptom tracker, and how to recommend a patient and more. Click here to learn more.

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Doctors Guide to MarijuanaDoctors

Guide to learn about all the benefits of signing up on MarijuanaDoctors.Com and how we can grow your practice! For over ten years we’ve been assisting physicians connect to patients they wouldn’t normally be exposed to.

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Doctor FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions for Doctors from MarijuanaDoctors.Com to information about Medical Marijuana in your state. Also includes frequently asked questions about MarijuanaDoctors.Com Account.

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Registering On MarijuanaDoctors

Registering is easy. Click here to learn more about doctor qualifications, how to get started, how to use, the importance of HIPAA and Hitech compliance regulations as they pertain to the medical marijuana industry, and more.

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Why Register On MarijuanaDoctors is a great resource for all doctors looking to grow their practice with patients who need medical marijuana. You can get exposure to 1000s of patients seeking treatment, access to licensing and renewal resources and more.

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We have a multitude of tools at the disposal of doctors currently practicing or looking to practice the recommendation of medical marijuana to patients. Click here to learn more about our mobile app, physicians tools guide, patient verification, symptom tracker, and more.

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Finding a medical marijuana doctor is only half the equation. To get access to medical marijuana products, you’ll need a dispensary. Find dispensary resources from articles & blogs to support for dispensary owners listed on Click here to learn more.

MarijuanaDoctors Support: Dispensaries

Resources for dispensary owners who use the platform including video tutorials on the features of the dispensary section. Click here to learn more.

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Dispensary Articles

Want to learn more about medical marijuana dispensaries? Check out these blogs about dispensaries

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Dispensary's Guide to MarijuanaDoctors

Here’s a guide for dispensary owners on how can increase exposure for your medical marijuana business.

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Dispensary Registration

Ready to list your dispensary on Register as a dispensary on today!

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Learn about cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and hybrid strains; look up terminology used in the cannabis space; and read up on medical studies involving cannabis and common conditions.

Marijuana Strains

Cannabis is a special plant. It can grow in a vast array of strains, varieties, and types, and knowing which ones are best for which conditions can be a huge help. There are currently over 750 known strains, and the list continues to grow. has a great list, so you can learn more about which is best for you.

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Cannabis Dictionary

From “aeroponics” to “zig-zag,” has the A to Z on common and uncommon terms relating to all things marijuana and CBD. Ever wonder where the term “420” originates or where the word “blunt” came from? Then click here to learn more.

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Medical Studies

New evidence about the medical benefits of CBD and marijuana are being released all the time, and while there is still a lot to research and learn, is dedicated to bringing light to all the latest and greatest medical studies demonstrating the effects of CBD and cannabis. Learn more.

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