Resources for Patients

x is committed to helping patients get access to the medical marijuana they need to treat chronic ailments. We understand that with serious ailments with debilitating symptoms that you need relief fast. That’s why we make it easy for patients to connect with their doctors. Find out how you can start scheduling an appointment with a qualified physician with these tutorials of our services

How to Schedule an Appointment

Use our database to find a qualified physician that’s close to home. We make it easy for registered patients to schedule an appointment with local physicians. Use this video to find out how you can schedule an appointment and start the process of getting your medical marijuana recommendation today.

How to Use Telehealth

We make it easy for patients to access physicians regardless of ability. Using our telehealth services, you can consult with a qualified physician from the comfort of your home. Find out how you can set up a telehealth appointment today.

How to Order Directly from Dispensaries is proud to offer services that allow medical marijuana patients to order products directly from dispensaries nearby. Find out how to view local dispensary menus, shop online, and have products delivered right to your doorstop.

Resources for Physicians

For resources on how physicians can use our services to help outreach to patients and keep track of appointments, check out our resources for physicians.