Doctor Resources: Tools


Registering is easy. Click here to learn more about doctor qualifications, how to get started, how to use, the importance of HIPAA and Hitech compliance regulations as they pertain to the medical marijuana industry, and more.

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Patient Verification

In order to properly verify a patient, you will need the Patient’s ID Number and Verification Code as they appear on their Verification Letter. The Verification Code may also be found on the patient’s recommendation. Click to learn more about verification.

Physician Tools Guide

At, we’re committed to create new features that make it easier for you to connect with your patients. We’ve put together these resources to help you better use our resources to outreach your patients. Click here to learn more.

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Symptom Tracker

We provide self-reported patient data through measurement of cannabinoid intake and graphically display symptom relief. Patients can give instant feedback to a physician about their symptom relief, which helps to determine the effects of taking medical cannabis. Click here to learn more.

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