Doctor Resources: Registering

Doctor Qualifications has adopted strict standards in evaluating the medical marijuana doctors and medical cannabis clinics allowed to join our network of trusted physicians. is committed to the advancement of cannabis as a medicine to treat a wide array of ailments. Click here to learn more.

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Getting Started

For doctors looking to get exposure and have your practice viewed by 1000s of patients seeking treatment, is a great resource. Get Pre-qualified Patient Appointment Request emails delivered direct to your inbox for easy appointment management. Click here to learn more about how to get started.

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HIPAA And Hitech Compliance

Medical professionals must follow federal and state guidelines to ensure they practice with their patients’ safety in mind. When we think of these laws, medical malpractice rules come to mind. But, doctors need to consider their patients’ information security, as well. That’s why we have acts like the HIPAA. Click here to learn more.

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How To Use Marijuanadoctors

Getting started is easy. Simply create your profile. Check the dashboard daily. Start seeing patients. Complete post-appointment protocol, and then we handle verifications… and everything else! Simply continue to login to your dashboard every day, and we will take care of the rest. Click here to learn more.

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