How To Use Medical Marijuana

Consuming medical marijuana is not quite the same as taking a pill for a headache. Marijuana is a plant with a complex chemical make up. When grown in a lab, marijuana can be bred for consistency, but there are still variations from plant to plant.

Medical Marijuana Recipes

Many patients who receive recommendations for medical marijuana would rather find edible ways of taking their medication rather than smoking it. We have many delicious medical cannabis recipes to share, whether you want the traditional brownies or cookies or something else.

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Patient FAQ's

Click here to see a list of general FAQs that can help guide you in your decisions on why is a great resource for you as well as general info on the conditions. Find many of the answers you’re looking for regarding medical marijuana treatments.

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Treatable Condiitions

Click to see a general list of ailments with symptoms and/or side effects that can be treated with medical marijuana. Please click on the conditions below for more detailed information. For additional information on treating a specific ailment, check out our ailment resources.

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Treating Ailments Resources

Medical marijuana is a safe and natural treatment that can help with a wide number of ailments. Click to out the articles to learn more about effect treatment for your conditions. For more information, check out our full list of qualifying conditions.

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