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Doctor's Guide to Marijuanadoctors

Below is a general list of ailments with symptoms and/or side effects that can be treated with medical marijuana. Please click on the conditions below for more detailed information. For additional information on treating a specific ailment, check out our ailment resources. Click here to learn more.

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Our Partners

Marijuana Doctors is proud to partner with industry leaders and experts, who support utilizing medical marijuana for documented medicinal purposes. Our partners help ensure we meet industry standards and support methods to provide safe and reliable medical cannabis for our patient’s treatment needs. Click here to learn more.

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Doctor's FAQs

Click here to see a list of general FAQs that can help guide you in your decisions on why is a great resource for you as well as general info on the practice. Find many of the answers you’re looking for regarding how to become a certified doctor, the legalities related to it, and more.

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Features and Services

We have many features and services that help to support doctors looking to recommend medical marijuana to patients both within the site and beyond. Click to learn more about things like the patient management system, public listings on the site, and more.

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We have a multitude of tools at the disposal of doctors currently practicing or looking to practice the recommendation of medical marijuana to patients. Click here to learn more about our mobile app, physicians tools guide, patient verification, symptom tracker, and more.

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Registering is easy. Click here to learn more about doctor qualifications, how to get started, how to use, the importance of HIPAA and Hitech compliance regulations as they pertain to the medical marijuana industry, and more.

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