Can Snowbirds Travel with Medical Marijuana?


While much of the mid-western and eastern United States is suffering through cold and rainy winter weather, Florida enjoys a temperate tropical escape. It is no wonder that every year Florida sees a temporary 5% population increase as snowbirds arrive to spend winter in the Sunshine State ... Read More

Can You Smoke Medical Marijuana in Florida?


The fight to consume medical marijuana in Florida in all product categories has been a long and drawn-out legal battle. Residents of Florida with qualifying health conditions wanted the freedom to choose the cannabis product that best suited their needs. Unfortunately, the right to s ... Read More

Getting Medical Marijuana in Louisiana Just Got Easier


Starting in August 2020, getting medical marijuana in Louisiana will be easier for everyone. Patients who want to explore medical cannabis as a therapeutic option will have the restrictions removed that may have prevented them from becoming registered medical marijuana cardholders. Two ma ... Read More

Florida Veterans Affairs: Medical Marijuana Won’t Jeopardize Benefits


Did you know that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating physiological and mental health condition that affects more than 12% of American soldiers? Military service can put individuals in life-or-death circumstances repeatedly. Veterans with PTSD struggle because what the ... Read More

Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card in Florida


If you are new to the Florida medical marijuana program, you will notice that there is an expiration date on the front of your medical marijuana card. Don’t worry, because renewing your medical marijuana card in Florida is a simple process. The process can be completed via paper or onli ... Read More

Idaho Dispensary Moves CBD Production In-House


The Snake River Solace dispensary, in Idaho Falls, has moved the production of high-quality CBD oil entirely in-house for quality control. Visitors are now able to see the process firsthand. Through glass windows, they can witness the extraction process as the Snake River Solace CBD oil i ... Read More

Is it Difficult to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio?


On June 8, 2016, Ohio became the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana. Governor John Kasich signed Bill 523 to enact the right of access to medical cannabis for patients with qualifying health conditions. In September 2016, residents were permitted to register for and receive a medica ... Read More

Can Medical Cannabis be Provided as an Exit Drug for Opioid Addiction in Florida?


The medical community is somewhat divided among Florida. In many states, the use of medical marijuana as an 'exit drug' for opioid addiction is not favored. One thing that the medical agree upon, however, is that opioids are a growing problem. In April 2020, the National Institute on D ... Read More

Are You Affiliated with in Florida?


In recent months, we have received several questions and inquiries to clarify whether we are in any way affiliated with "" in Florida. We believe this is due to online complaints that Marijuana Doctor has received from patients on Yelp and on Reddit.  We pride ourse ... Read More

6 Legal Ways MMJ Card Holders Can Use Medical Marijuana in Florida


Florida became the 22nd state in America to legalize medical marijuana on June 16, 2014. Governor Rich Scott helped pass the "Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act," also known as Senate Bill 10. By 2017, there were voices of opposition that gained the attention of Governor Rich Scott. On ... Read More

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