Massachusetts Set To End Vertical Integration


Massachusetts is yet again making strides in the cannabis industry. The Massachusetts regulators have plans to remove vertical integration for medical cannabis businesses. This crucial change could make a huge difference for medical cannabis operators.  Vertical integration requir ... Read More

Gwenyth Paltrow Takes Goop on “Shroom” Retreat


The CEO of your company sends an email inviting all managers to a retreat.  Not just any team-building resort.  One where you will have access to psychedelic mushroom treatments in tea.  Twice daily.  Cue the creative out-of-the-box thinking that can come with psy ... Read More

Veteran Sentenced 5-Years for Medical Marijuana


The driving force behind cannabis legal reform is cases like this one.  A 60-year old disabled veteran is spending five (5) years behind bars for possession of marijuana.  He used cannabis to help manage his health symptoms.  The United States has global attention for be ... Read More

Iowa Medical Cannabis Program Needs A Kick-Start


Iowa thus far is one of the smallest medical cannabis programs, with a slow enrollment rate.  The average number of new patients to the Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Program is about 250 people per month.  Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Iowa’s MMJ program is seeing about 80-90 new pa ... Read More

Missouri Issues Five New Cannabis Licenses


Five new medical marijuana-infused product manufacturing licenses got issued in Missouri. The licenses required the cannabis business to make processed medical weed products.  The licenses first got issued in January. The regulators noted that some companies received many licenses ... Read More

Acreage Holdings Elects Patricia Rosi VP Of Marketing


Patricia Rosi, the CEO of Wellness Connection of Maine, has left to take a job with the company’s parent,  Acreage holdings. There has been no announcement about who might step into the CEO role at Wellness Connection after Rosi’s departure.  According to t ... Read More

Michigan Cannabis Sales Surpass $200 Million


Michigan’s recreational marijuana industry is growing quickly.  The sales keep hitting new milestones every year. According to a Michigan Radio report, adult-use cannabis sales in Michigan have grown to more than  $200 million since the launch of the MMJ program.  ... Read More

Hawaii Opens To Edible Cannabis Products


There has always been a conflict with the law when it comes to edibles in Hawaii. For some time, edibles weren’t permitted under the state’s medical offerings, even though it has a thriving medical market.  On July 10, the state legislature officially passed a bill that legali ... Read More

Edibles Market Gets a Culinary Boost In Arizona


The medical cannabis industry continues to evolve, creating new products for patients. Edibles by far are a consumer favorite,  and now restaurants are embracing it too. More marijuana eateries are cropping up to serve the best-tasting edibles.  Making cannabis taste good? It ... Read More

Revive Receives Approval for Bucillamine Trial


Revive Therapeutics Ltd. is based in Toronto, Canada. It is a life sciences company that is focused on research and development for rare disease treatments. The Phase 3 clinical trial will reveal whether Bucillamine is an effective treatment for mild to moderate cases of Covid-19. Sour ... Read More

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