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Arkansas Marijuana Penalties


Arkansas Medical Marijuana Penalties Medical marijuana penalties in Arkansas are very strict for those who do not follow the law. Unfortunately, the law is new, and a great many details need to be worked out. In addition, during the 2017 legislative session, a state representative introdu Read More

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Looking for Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries? Medical marijuana is still rather new, in terms of infrastructure. It was only within the past few years that marijuana became legal for medical use, and the market is still figuring out how to handle it. Not only are there new di Read More

Arkansas Cannabis Facts


Arkansas Medical Marijuana Facts Arkansas voters made history in 2016, as they made the state the first in the Deep South to allow the use of medical marijuana. One of the more interesting Arkansas marijuana facts is that the initiative succeeded despite a great deal of confusion, includi Read More

AR Telemedicine


Arkansas Medical Marijuana Telemedicine Laws In a recent report by the American Telemedicine Association, on “telemedicine practice standard”, Arkansas was rated as dead last, among all states in the U.S. In response, the Arkansas Board of Medicine stated that it’s, Telemedicine Adv Read More

AR Marijuana Card


Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card Arkansas’s Medical Marijuana Act was approved in November last year, and it is expected to take full effect sometime in February 2017. This means patients with qualifying conditions in this state should already be looking for their patient registry identi Read More

AR Marijuana Laws


Arkansas Medical Marijuana Laws On November 08, 2016, Arkansas passed the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment measure, after 53.2% voters voted in favor of the constitutional amendment, thereby effectively legalizing the medical use of marijuana by qualified patients with a physician’s Read More

AR Marijuana Qualification


Arkansas Medical Marijuana Qualification Who Qualifies for Medicinal Marijuana in Arkansas As per the legislation of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment (Issue 6), approved November 08, 2016, effective November 09, 2016, qualified patients diagnosed with a debilitating medical condi Read More

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