Best THC Oils for Patients With Glaucoma


Best THC Oils for Patients With Glaucoma

Across the U.S., medical marijuana offers patients with glaucoma a natural treatment that alleviates a range of symptoms from the disease, such as intraocular pressure, nausea, inflammation and more. Unlike other medicines, medical weed provides patients with the opportunity to tailor their treatment to their needs, such as by using oils.

How to Plan Your Medical Marijuana Oils Treatment for Glaucoma

As you begin your medical marijuana treatment plan for glaucoma, you will coordinate with your medical cannabis physician on several factors, such as your preferred administrative method, dosage and cannabinoid content.

Other factors to consider include your:

  • Lifestyle
  • Reactions to medical weed
  • Symptoms
  • Allergies

Due to the benefits of medical weed oils, plus the effectiveness of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on the side effects of glaucoma, many medical marijuana doctors recommend patients try THC oils, which offer a convenient administration method.

Why Use THC Oil for Glaucoma

If you are considering THC oil for your glaucoma, it does offer several advantages for this disease, including that it’s:

  • Potent: Because medical cannabis oils are extracts from a marijuana plant, they are much more potent than if you took an edible or smoked fresh medical weed. As a result, they can relieve intense pain and discomfort from glaucoma, such as intraocular pressure.
  • Clean: Depending on your experience, you’ll likely find that using THC oils is much cleaner compared to other administration methods, such as smoking, eating edibles and applying lotions, as your hands can become dirty, whether it’s from food or the fresh buds.
  • Flavorful: If you enjoy the flavor and aroma of medical cannabis, then the heightened fragrance and taste of THC oils will likely appeal to you. The numerous strains of medical weed also let you choose a variety that’s less fruity and sweet and more subtle and earthy
  • Effective: For patients and physicians, one of the most vital factors is the effectiveness of THC oils. They ease several symptoms of glaucoma, including nausea, intraocular pain, inflammation and vomiting, which helps you gain normalcy back into your life.

THC Oils for Glaucoma

Any strain of medical weed with a high content of THC can undergo processing that extracts the THC into a concentrated form. So, if you already have a favorite strain of medical pot for treating your glaucoma symptoms, you could have it delivered in an oil form.

It’s essential to know that your THC oils result from one of two processes:

  • Solvent: A solvent-based extraction uses propane, carbon dioxide and alcohol to separate THC from the marijuana flower, which makes this process exclusive to trained professionals and secure facilities.
  • Non-Solvent: A non-solvent extraction uses heat, pressure or water to separate resins from cannabis flowers. This process tends to be considered safer than solvent extractions because of the absence of chemicals.

If you’re unsure of which process would benefit your health the most, talk to your budtender and physician.

How to Use THC Oils for Glaucoma

In addition to vaping the pure oil, patients can take many forms of THC oil, including:

  • Tinctures: Apply a few drops of THC oil under your tongue
  • Capsules: Place the tablet in your mouth and then swallow with water
  • Sprays: Spritz two to three sprays in your mouth

Before using THC oil, make sure to discuss potential administration methods with your physician.

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