Best Strains of Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Intraocular Pressure


Best Strains of Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Intraocular Pressure

For the more than three million Americans with glaucoma, its primary symptom — intraocular pressure — is a daily occurrence that prevents them from taking part in the activities that once made them smile. With medical pot’s legalization, however, more patients are alleviating their pain and resuming their normal lives.

If you or a loved one are treating intraocular pressure with medical weed, there are several helpful strains for it.

Indica Strains for Intraocular Pressure

Indica strains, which are more relaxing and perfect for evening use, offer patients with intraocular pressure relief from their discomfort. The fact that this type of strain delivers a calming effect can also help you fall asleep at night and wake up feeling refreshed.

Popular indica strains for intraocular pressure include:

  • Grand Hindu: This potent strain has a delicious grape aroma that alleviates eye pressure, stress and pain.
  • Blueberry: This A-list strain features a fruity flavor that targets pain, leaving you relaxed and euphoric.
  • Cherry Kola: This sweet, berry-scented strain relieves stress, pain and headaches so you can sleep with ease.
  • Bloo’s Kloos: This fragrant strain delivers relief from eye pressure, inflammation and stress.

Visit your local dispensary and ask your budtender about these strains to learn more.

Sativa Strains for Intraocular Pressure

Sativa strains, which are more invigorating strains cultivated for daytime use, offer patients relief from intraocular pressure and other glaucoma side effects, such as inflammation, nausea and headaches. By easing these symptoms, you can go about your day pain-free.

A few go-to sativa strains for intraocular pressure include:

  • Tesla Tower: This robust, pepper-scented strain trades pain, fatigue and eye pressure for an uplifted feeling.
  • Santa Sativa: This sweet yet refreshing strain alleviates eye pressure, nausea and
  • Hashplant Haze: This fruity strain leaves you feeling happy, uplifted and pain-free.
  • Maui Waui: This tropical strain eases nausea, eye pressure and depression for an energetic feeling.

If your dispensary doesn’t carry these strains, ask if they offer similar ones.

Hybrid Strains for Intraocular Pressure

Hybrid strains, which are made up of a blend of sativa and indica strains, offer an experience dependent on the strain’s lineage. A sativa-dominant variety, for example, may energize you for the day, while an indica-dominant strain may leave you ready for an afternoon nap.

Appropriate hybrid strains for treating intraocular pressure include:

  • King Cake: This basil-scented strain provides a cerebral experience and eye pressure relief.
  • Vanilluna: This fragrant strain of vanilla eases headaches and eye pressure, though it does leave you sleepy.
  • Dank Sinatra: This indica-dominant strain alleviates depression, eye pressure and
  • Royal Dwarf: This cerebral strain lessens pain and eye pressure to create a relaxed feeling.

Check with your medical marijuana doctor before trying new strains for intraocular pressure.

Medical Weed Administration Methods for Treating Intraocular Pressure

If you’re treating intraocular pressure with medical weed, you can administer it in several ways, such as:

After scheduling an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor, you can expect your physician to discuss the potential ways you could use medical weed. In many cases, your practitioner will suggest one method over another, as some are more suitable for certain conditions, like long-lasting edibles for intraocular pressure.

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