Best Medical Marijuana Strains to Treat Glaucoma


Best Medical Marijuana Strains to Treat Glaucoma

It’s a continuous challenge for patients and their caregivers to treat glaucoma. The devastating condition, which causes headaches, nausea, intraocular pressure and vomiting, often relies on a variety of traditional medications to monitor it. Many strains of medical weed, however, offer a single solution by treating multiple symptoms of glaucoma.

Indica Strains for Glaucoma

For many patients, the soothing and relaxing effect of indica strains makes them useful for nighttime use. As intraocular pressure rises during the evening, they’re also ideal for treating this glaucoma symptom in the evening hours.

Favorite indica strains for glaucoma side effects include:

  • Blueberry: This award-winning, sweet-smelling strain eases nighttime stress, pain and
  • Kelly Hill Gold: This euphoric strain delivers relief from glaucoma-induced inflammation, stress and
  • Eastern European: This native strain of Europe offers a relaxing, sleepy effect that lessens discomfort.
  • Cherry Kola: This berry-flavored strain reduces pain and creates a euphoric, happy effect.

Explore a local licensed dispensary to learn more about these trusted indica strains for glaucoma.

Sativa Strains for Glaucoma

In contrast to indica, sativa blends are ideal for daytime use due to their motivational and cerebral effects. Whether you’re looking to ease your feelings of nausea, manage your intraocular pressure or reduce inflammation throughout the day, many sativa strains can help.

Go-to strains for easing the side effects of glaucoma include:

  • Maui Wowie: This pineapple-flavored strain remedies stress, pain and nausea to provide energy.
  • Sour Diesel: This invigorating strain delivers uplifting, energetic feelings and relieves stress and pain.
  • Trinity: This strong-scented strain targets stress and pain, leaving you feeling happy, focused and chatty.
  • Tesla Tower: This robust strain lowers intraocular pressure, fatigue, stress and

Check with your local dispensary’s budtender to see if they stock these strains or an alternative.

Hybrid Strains for Glaucoma

To marry the benefits of indica and sativa strains and provide patients with additional treatment options, producers created hybrid strains. While featuring aspects of both indica and sativa strains, hybrid strains are often either indica- or sativa-dominant.

Recommended hybrid strains for glaucoma include:

  • The Wills: This indica-dominant strain creates an uplifted feeling that alleviates glaucoma-induced headaches.
  • Sour Grape: This well-balanced strain provides nausea and intraocular pressure relief, along with a relaxed feeling.
  • LAPD: This sweet and spicy strain delivers a cerebral and mellow experience that eases your pain.
  • Jamba Juice: This fruity and earthy strain offers relief from stress and fatigue while also energizing you.

Remember to track your experience with different strains to find the best ones for your schedule and needs.

How to Administer Medical Weed for Glaucoma

Whether you’re treating your own glaucoma with medical weed or are administering it to a loved one, there are several medicating methods you can use without compromising on your preferred strains of medical marijuana for daytime and nighttime use.

You can administer medical pot by:

While you’re free to choose your administration method in most states, expect your medical cannabis physician to suggest one, as well as a dosage recommendation. In many instances, medical marijuana doctors advise glaucoma patients to use a longer-lasting administration method, such as edibles, instead of smoking.

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