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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Washington, D.C.

Medical Marijuana Use in Washington, D.C.

To qualify for medical cannabis in Washington, D.C., you will need to establish a relationship with a D.C. medical marijuana doctor who writes a recommendation bearing their license number and signature. The recommendation needs to state that smoking or consuming cannabis is “medically necessary” for treating a chronic, painful and/or otherwise debilitating medical condition.

In 2014, the DC ACT 20-369 of Washington, D.C.’s Medical Marijuana Expansion Emergency Amendment Act re-defined a qualifying health issue as “any condition for which treatment with marijuana is deemed beneficial to a patient as determined by a licensed medical marijuana doctor in D.C.”

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Recommendation in D.C.

The list of Washington, D.C. marijuana physicians provided by are doctors in good standing licensed to practice osteopathy or medicine in the District of Columbia. Before recommending medical marijuana, the doctor you choose will need to establish a clinical patient-doctor relationship with you, complete a full evaluation of your medical condition(s) and medical history and perform a physical examination 90 days before providing a recommendation.

Each recommendation written by a medical marijuana doctor in D.C. is valid for 12 months, as long as the patient receiving the recommendation receives their MMJ registration card from the Washington, D.C. Department of Health within three months of their doctor writing the recommendation.

Since Washington, D.C.’s Department of Health no longer specifies particular health issues qualifying for medical marijuana, it is up to a D.C. medical marijuana doctor to determine whether someone would benefit from medical cannabis as opposed to continuing traditional treatments. D.C. also allows recommendations for minors with qualifying health issues as long as these recommendations are accompanied by consent forms signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Initiative 71 allows adults over 21 years old to possess no more than two ounces of medical marijuana. MMJ patients can also grow up to six plants. Only three plants can be flowering simultaneously. Washington, D.C. has also decriminalized possession and use of recreational marijuana to permit the non-saleable transfer of one ounce or less of cannabis to another adult. Medical marijuana patients can also purchase paraphernalia intended to cultivate, process and consume marijuana from dispensaries or retail cannabis stores.

Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Washington, D.C.

We list only D.C. medical marijuana doctors who have completed the state-mandated education and training modules needed to obtain their marijuana license. In addition to taking courses on marijuana pharmacology and biochemistry, D.C. cannabis doctors have also completed a module discussing research regarding the efficacy of marijuana for treating debilitating conditions such as acute pain, glaucoma and cancer.

To see a comprehensive list of D.C. marijuana doctors and licensed dispensaries, please check for up-to-date information regarding certified physicians and operational MMJ facilities. We also provide doctor office locations, business hours, delivery information if applicable, customer reviews of marijuana doctors in D.C. and telehealth services for added convenience.

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