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Virginia CBD & THC-A Program

House Bill 1251 passed on March 9, 2018 allows doctors to recommend CBD or THC-A Cannabis Oil for any condition. Practitioners may issue a written certification for use of THC-A or CBD Oil for treatment or alleviation of symptoms from any condition that is diagnosed by the practitioner where the patient will be benefit for such use.

Patients must register and submit their application through the Board of Pharmacy. Patients can obtain THC-A or CBD Oil from licensed pharmaceutical processors.

Virginia passed SB 1719 effective July 1, 2019. This bill expands upon HB1251 by now allowing licensed Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants to issue written certifications, in addition to licensed physicians. SB1719 also expands upon the products that pharmaceutical processors can offer. In addition to oils, CBD & THC-A can be offered in other forms such as capsules, topicals, lozenges, etc. pursuant to the processor and what they will offer. The bill also expands upon the allowance of THC in any product. The limit of THC has been increased from 5% THC to no more than 10% THC in any product. Companion bills were also introduced to supplement SB1719. HB1720/SB1632 allows School Nurses, persons employed by local health department assigned to public schools and any other person employed or contracted by a local school board delivering health-related services to utilize CBD or THC-A oil to any student with a valid certification, in accordance with any policy adopted by a local school board, without fear of prosecution. No school board shall be required to expel or suspend any student with a valid certification

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