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Medical Marijuana Doctors in New Mexico

The Medical Cannabis Program in New Mexico allows any licensed doctor of osteopathy or advanced nurse practitioner in good standing with NM’s state medical board to act as a recommending marijuana doctor in NM. Doctors must write a detailed diagnosis indicating a patient has a qualifying, debilitating condition and that the condition cannot be treated successfully with standard treatments. In addition, the diagnosis and recommendation must state that the physician believes the benefits of medical marijuana exceed any detriments attributed to cannabis use. Depending on the disorder or disease affecting a potential medical marijuana patient, two doctors may be needed to provide two different recommendations. For example, if someone suffers from an autoimmune disease causing chronic, severe pain, the patient will have to submit a recommendation from their primary doctor and a recommendation from a doctor specializing in that particular autoimmune disease.

After a medical marijuana doctor in New Mexico writes a recommendation, the patient can obtain medical cannabis from the state’s Licensed Non-Profit Producers. In addition, people can use their recommendation to apply for a Personal Production License if they want to grow their own medical cannabis. Senate Bill 523 permits NM marijuana doctors to provide recommendations for people with debilitating illnesses to receive an NM state ID card, visit dispensaries and/or collectives and purchase the type and amount of MMJ they need. Conditions qualifying for medical marijuana in NM include:

Some medical marijuana doctors in New Mexico may be involved with the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board, an organization consisting of board-certified practitioners who meet twice annually to review and recommend further legislature. Some topics discussed include adding diseases that could benefit from medical marijuana treatment, examining outside petitions for the inclusion of diseases and deciding whether certain conditions warrant allowing patients obtain more cannabis than currently permitted. Any resident of New Mexico can submit petitions asking that additional medical conditions be included in the list of debilitating conditions. If you live in New Mexico and suffer a health issue not considered a qualifying condition, you might consider making an appointment with a marijuana doctor in New Mexico to discuss the possibility of petitioning for your illness.

If you receive a recommendation from an NM marijuana doctor, you can possess up to eight ounces of medical cannabis for every 90-day period. MMJ patients choosing to cultivate their own marijuana can have four mature and 12 immature plants growing at any given time. You also have the option of purchasing medical cannabis at a licensed dispensary or collective operating in New Mexico.

Find New Mexico Marijuana Doctors Online is an indispensable resource for new and existing medical marijuana patients but also makes it easier for marijuana doctors in New Mexico to save time and reduce overhead expenditures by providing them with a turnkey solution for automating the patient booking and tracking process. From prequalifying their patients to notifying patients automatically via email that their medical marijuana recommendation needs to be renewed, also offers the ability for doctors to initiate prompts to their patients for scheduling appointments with their NM medical marijuana doctor. With our helpful interface, doctors can monitor their patient’s progress in real-time using the Symptom Tracker, streamline their busy schedules utilizing our calendar system and take advantage of a 24-hour patient verification system found on their dashboard.

Send us an email to learn more about what we have to offer medical marijuana patients and doctors who are eligible to write recommendations. We typically respond to all emails within 24 hours.

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