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District of Columbia Medical Cannabis Program Details

DC Marijuana legislation: Approved on May 4, 2010 and signed by the Mayor on May 21, 2010 with a vote of 13-0 by the Council of the District of Columbia.

DC Possession/Cultivation: Patients are permitted to purchase up to two (2) ounces of dried medical marijuana per month or the equivalent of two ounces of dried medical marijuana when sold in any other form." See DC Qualyfying Conditions List.

DC State Program Fee: $100 new patient fee or renewal fee of $25 for low income patients.

DC Health & Licensing Administration: 899 N. Capitol Street, NE 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20002

DC Caregiver Regulations: Patients and caregivers "may only obtain medical marijuana from a DC dispensary designated on your registration identification card "DC Medical Marijuana Card" and may not:

(a) grow or cultivate medical marijuana);

(b) purchase medical marijuana through street vendors; or

(c) obtain medical marijuana from other patients and caregivers."