Countries With the Most Medical Marijuana Research


Medical marijuana research is nowhere near as advanced in the U.S. as it is in other countries. In fact, some of the best research is being conducted in places you might never have associated with weed. Here’s a quick outline of the progress a couple of other countries are making in medi ... Read More

Find Medical Marijuana Support Groups in Your Area


Using medical marijuana can have its own challenges, so finding others that understand the process can be helpful. There are dozens of organizations across the country that can help medical marijuana users in many ways, from answering questions to helping them find extremely useful resourc ... Read More

Why Aren’t There More Medical Studies on Medical Marijuana?


There is lots of conflicting information on the benefits of medical marijuana, so why aren't there more studies to get the facts? Here are some of the difficulties that scientists face when trying to study cannabis for medical use. Stuck in Neutral Research into medical marijuana, in the U ... Read More

Trends in Cannabis Products


As the stigma surrounding cannabis gradually begins to erode, innovation in cannabis-based products — as well as the marijuana industry as a whole — is progressing at an impressive pace. These are just some of the more unique products and industry trends that have recently emerged. Sh ... Read More

New States With Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana


When Americans awoke on the morning of Wednesday, November 9th, 2016, the vast majority focused on a new reality facing the nation. The king of reality television, Donald J. Trump was President-elect. While the mainstream media and many prominent political pundits bantered back and forth a ... Read More

Tips for First Time Medical Marijuana Patients


If you’ve recently made the decision to try medical marijuana, then you likely have some questions and concerns about using it to treat your medical condition. Like any new industry, there is a lot to know about medical marijuana. First things first, though. It’s important to ensure ... Read More

Medical Marijuana Product Label Basics


Medical marijuana comes with labels containing a lot of information about the product. Here’s a handy guide to understanding what that label is telling you. States allowing medical marijuana use have individual labeling laws, meaning there are no across-the-board standards dictating wha ... Read More

Signs You May Be Allergic to the Type of Medical Marijuana You’re Using


Medical marijuana is available as Sativa or Indica — two different strains of marijuana that contain varying levels of THC and cannabidiol (CBD). Popular hybrid strains containing Sativa and Indica are also widely used by medical marijuana patients seeking comprehensive therapeutic relie ... Read More

The Basics of Cooking With Cannabis


With multiple states passing propositions that allow the legal sale and use of recreational marijuana, there are now options for people who would like to enjoy the relaxing effects of pot without the potential irritation that accompanies smoking cannabis. One of the fundamental rules of c ... Read More

What Does Prop 64 Mean for California’s Dispensary Businesses?


Approved by California voters on November 8, 2016, the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative (California Proposition 64) makes it legal for state residents to grow and/or consume cannabis for personal use. However, non-medical dispensaries will not be able to sell marijuana for pers ... Read More

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