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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/02/2018 in CBD Resources

effects of cbd oil

According to The Hemp Business Journal, the CBD market is projected to grow by 700%, it will garner nearly $2 billion in consumer sales by 2020. Cannabidiol also known as CBD is certainly one of the fastest growing market categories in the U.S.

CBD is a naturally-occurring chemical compound found in the hemp plant and along with THC, they are the most studied and understood. However, both THC and CBD provide relief from pain and illness; the major difference is that THC still contains psychoactive elements that will get you high, while CBD will help ease symptoms without the high. For this reason, CBD is quickly becoming the go-to alternative and natural treatment for many chronic illnesses, especially in the most common form of CBD oil.

There have been many studies to show just how effective it is in treating a variety of illnesses, for example, an open study on how CBD oil effects epilepsy in young adults and children by Lancet Neurol in 2016 showed a reduction in the frequency of the patients’ seizures. A study from last year by Neuropsychopharmacology also showed that CBD oil reduced anxiety significantly for a task many of us find extremely daunting: public speaking.

Many other breakthroughs like this are being discovered regularly, and more and more people are turning to CBD oil for relief. To get the most out of your CBD oil, here are three factors to consider:

1. Dosage

There are basic dosage guidelines for using CBD oil, but these don’t take into account your specific needs and things such as your age, body weight, current conditions, or any nutritional shortness you may be experiencing. You also need to look at whether you’re maintaining a medicinal plan, or starting a new one. For every 100 pounds of body weight, a good starting point is 25mg per day, which you can then adjust depending on your body fat versus lean muscle. If you have more lean muscle, you can take a higher dose, for example.

You should also consider how you’re taking your dosage, because when taken orally, as is common, usually only 5-15 percent of the CBD enters systemic circulation. Sublingually (under the tongue) applying CBD is preferred, because there are more nerve endings and receptors under your tongue that allow you to feel the full benefit of each dose.

You will also need to experiment with when to take a dose, as some strains of CBD will make you sleepy, whereas others may give you energy, or not affect you in that way at all. So, if your CBD oil dosage makes you tired, for example, you should take it before bed instead of in the morning.

2. Chemoreceptor

The endocannabinoid system in your body has two known types of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptor is in the lungs, kidneys and live, but mainly in your brain (central nervous system). The CB2 receptor is in hematopoietic cells and your immune system. Over time, these pathways can stop or slow down, which compromises the function of the receptors in your body, and in turn affects how you receive medicine. However, CBD can help to slowly heal these receptors.

Depending on your previous usage of cannabis, you may have more receptor sites and therefore will probably need a higher dose to feel any effects. If you’ve never used marijuana before, even with the extremely low THC content in CBD, you may still feel the high associated with THC strains of cannabis.

3. Life-style

Like with any health regime, CBD oil works best when used with a healthy, organic diet with a lack of processed foods. This way the food you eat isn’t counteracting the effects of the CBD, rendering it less potent.

Focus on cutting out bad fats and sugars, and upping your intake of organic fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and grains. You will be able to fully feel the effects of CBD oil once you change your diet, if you haven’t already.

It’s also important to move and be active as part of a healthy lifestyle. It will help naturally improve your mood and reduce or maintain your weight, which is part of determining your correct dosage as mentioned above.

These 3 tips for optimizing the effect of CBD oil are easy to follow and implement. The most important thing before commencing your new CBD oil treatment is to ensure that you’re living a healthy, active lifestyle, and that you have accurately worked out the correct dosage for you to fully feel the effects of your CBD oil regime. CBD oil is a wonderful, natural way to treat many chronic illnesses and issues.

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