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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/26/2015 in Consumption


Most people are familiar with smoking marijuana through either a pipe or joint. Over the past few years, with innovations in technology, vaporizing has also become quite a popular method of ingesting marijuana. Yet recently there has been a lot of talk about ‘waxing’ which essentially is vaporizing cannabis extracts/oils.

This ‘new’ method of consumption, which in reality has been done since the mid-70s, has spurred quite a lot of controversy and received a lot of flak from mainstream media outlets and has become a heavy focus for anti-marijuana legalization advocates.

Saying things like, ‘It’s more dangerous since it’s more potent’ and ‘it has a higher chance of inducing psychosis,’ prohibitionists aim to change the mind of the public regarding cannabis legalization.

This article is designed to demystify the world of wax to the average consumer and to show you that there are indeed plenty of benefits to obtain from vaporizing wax.

The Smell

One of the first benefits from waxing is a reduction in smell. Unlike smoke, wax dissipates much quicker in the air and while there is a smell, it is much less prevalent. It allows for consumption that is more discreet and without so much taboo associated using.

Ease of use

I find waxing to be incredibly simple if you have the right gear. Nowadays you can get portable vaporizers specifically designed for waxing. Simply place the desired amount of wax in the heating chamber, press on the heating element and inhale. It’s that simple. No more cleaning, no more grinding, just loading and medicating.


Wax can be stored for months without having to worry about mold or any other mishaps that can happen with cannabis. It remains potent and lasts a lot longer than the traditional methods of consumption.

I purchased 10 grams of wax and it lasted me for well over 4 months. I must note I was waxing daily too. While it is a bit more expensive than buds, it makes up for it in rate of consumption.

No combustion

Smoke isn’t good for the organism, no matter what you’re smoking. I’m not saying that marijuana smoke will kill you, but if you had to choose a healthier approach to medicating, vaporizing buds or waxing is by far better.

You eliminate all smoke from the equation providing you with all the essential elements that cannabis has to offer.

Less is more

More potent cannabis does not mean it’s more ‘dangerous’. Rather, you have the benefit of smoking less for achieving the same desired effects.

Waxing is a great way to consume cannabis. While many are still weary, I’m sure that by trying it you’ll notice that there are a lot more benefits to using it than what I had mentioned in this article.

Happy Waxing!

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