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North Smithfield, RI Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in North Smithfield, RI Read More

Rhode Island CBD Program


Rhode Island's legislation demonstrates strong support toward cannabis, which is why the state's lawmakers decriminalized this substance for both recreational purposes and made it legal for eligible medical marijuana patients. But what is the state's stance on CBD? And who would benefit fr Read More

Warwick, RI Dispensary


Marijuana Dispensaries in Warwick, RI The final step of your MMJ journey is finding a dispensary near you that has the medicine you need. We’re here to give you information about every stage of the experience and help you find the right Warwick, R.I., dispensary for you. Signing Up for Read More

Providence, RI Dispensary


Marijuana Dispensaries in Providence, RI Before you look for a dispensary in Providence, R.I., it’s important to figure out where and how to get your medicine. This process can be intimidating, but we can educate you about the basics to make it less stressful. Rhode Island MMJ Registra Read More

Portsmouth, RI Dispensary


Marijuana Dispensaries in Portsmouth, RI When you get your medical marijuana card in the mail, you still have a long way to go — after all, you still need to get your medicine and figure out which dispensary is best for you. We can help you find dispensaries in Portsmouth, R.I., and lea Read More

Providence, RI Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Providence, RI For patients struggling with debilitating conditions in Providence, R.I., the state has legalized marijuana to use as a medical treatment. To enroll in the Rhode Island Department of Health Medical Marijuana program, patients need to meet the f Read More

Rhode Island Marijuana Penalties


Like many other progressive states, Rhode Island has decriminalized simple possession of small amounts of cannabis for individuals 18 years and above. Possession of less than one ounce is considered a civil offense just like a parking ticket and attracts a small fine of $150, with no jail Read More

Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Marijuana Dispensaries in Rhode Island Medical cannabis treatment is growing in popularity, and the biggest proof is that many states have legalized the use of this medication. Patients in Rhode Island who have been diagnosed with chronic conditions requiring regular cannabis treatment ne Read More

RI Marijuana Qualification


Medical Marijuana Qualifications in Rhode Island Patients in Rhode Island diagnosed with one of the following severe, debilitating, or life-threatening medical conditions, are afforded legal protection under Rhode Island's medical marijuana law, as per Senate Bill 0710 — “Edward Read More

RI Marijuana Laws


After Senate Bill 0710 was approved, by the House on June 24, 2005, and the Senate on June 28, 2005, it was vetoed by the Governor on June 29, 2005. The House and Senate responded by overriding the veto, on June 30, 2005. And on January 03, 2006, the veto was successfully overridden Read More

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