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  • Location: Portsmouth, RI
  • Traveling Range: 50 miles
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  • Call: (401) 400-8229
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Marijuana Dispensaries in Portsmouth, RI

When you get your medical marijuana card in the mail, you still have a long way to go — after all, you still need to get your medicine and figure out which dispensary is best for you. We can help you find dispensaries in Portsmouth, R.I., and learn about the types of medicine you can get.

Applying for Rhode Island MMJ

Rhode Island’s application process is similar to those in other states — see a doctor and submit an application.

Any state-licensed doctor can endorse you for medical marijuana, assuming you have one of the conditions eligible under state law. You must reside in Rhode Island to get an MMJ card from their state government, and if you’re under 18, you need a cooperative parent or guardian.

What Will You Find at a Rhode Island Dispensary?

Rhode Island lets you take any kind of quality-controlled weed medicine as long as you possess under five ounces total. The stuff you’ll find at your local dispensary includes:

  • Buds/Flowers: The buds of the marijuana plant are used for smoking and vaping. You can grind them up and put them in a pipe, rolling paper or vaporizer.
  • Concentrates: There are tons of varieties of marijuana concentrate out there, like shatter, crumble, wax, resin, rosin and oil. As the name suggests, concentrates are cannabis in a concentrated form, which is often used for vaping.
  • Edibles: Besides the iconic pot brownie, edible marijuana products include drinks, popcorn, gummies, chocolate, snacks and even quirky options like hot sauce.
  • Topicals: Cannabis can also come in the form of lotions, creams, balms and bath soaks. These products are most often used for pain relief.
  • Gear: Some dispensaries sell pipes, dab wands, vaporizers and other tools that you can use to consume marijuana.

As you can see, there are many ways to consume marijuana that work differently for every patient.

Compassion Centers in Portsmouth

Rhode Island has three nonprofit “compassion centers” that operate as government-monitored dispensaries. You can find the state’s compassion centers in our directory.

For a medical marijuana recommendation, find a doctor near Portsmouth with our listing of Rhode Island medical marijuana doctors.

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