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Marijuana Dispensaries in Providence, RI

Before you look for a dispensary in Providence, R.I., it’s important to figure out where and how to get your medicine. This process can be intimidating, but we can educate you about the basics to make it less stressful.

Rhode Island MMJ Registration

Rhode Island offers a simple application process to make your life easier — just get permission from a doctor and register with the state. Any doctor you have an ongoing relationship with can approve you for MMJ if you have an eligible condition recognized by Rhode Island law. If you’re a minor, ask your parent or guardian to become your official caregiver so they can handle your medicine for you.

The Goods You Can Get in Rhode Island

Since there are only a few dispensaries in Rhode Island that the state keeps an eye on for safety and quality reasons, you can buy all types of medicine, as long as you keep under five ounces on you at a time.

Some of the most common medicinal items you can get are:

  • Strains: When a dispensary mentions strains, they mean the flower part of the marijuana plant. There are tons of different varieties that you can smoke or vape.
  • Concentrates: Marijuana is often dissolved in a solvent or oil to create concentrated cannabis. This process creates wax, shatter, crumble, rosin, resin and other concentrates used for vaping and dabbing.
  • Edibles: Dispensaries sell goodies like cookies, chocolates, candy and snacks that give you a delayed high with a long-lasting effect.
  • Topicals: If you suffer from chronic pain, your budtender might recommend using a topical treatment like a lotion or cream.
  • Tools: Many places will sell items like rolling papers and grinders for your convenience.

If you’re curious about the uses and effects of each kind of weed medicine, check out this guide.

Compassion Centers in Providence

As of 2017, there are three nonprofit dispensaries in Rhode Island that are referred to as compassion centers. We have all of them listed in our database.

For a medical marijuana recommendation, check out our listing of doctors serving the Providence, RI area.

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