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Marijuana Dispensaries in Warwick, RI

The final step of your MMJ journey is finding a dispensary near you that has the medicine you need. We’re here to give you information about every stage of the experience and help you find the right Warwick, R.I., dispensary for you.

Signing Up for MMJ in Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s application process consists of two steps: getting approval from your physician and turning in an application. You need to consult with a doctor who has an ongoing relationship with you. If they think you have one of the qualifying conditions, they’ll send you on your way to begin the state’s registration.

The Stock at a Rhode Island Dispensary

Rhode Island facilities can sell any medicinal weed product that’s gone through quality testing. Just make sure to carry under five ounces of cannabis at a time.

The most well-known marijuana products include:

  • Strains: Strains are the flower of the marijuana plant, which patients can grind up for smoking or vaping.
  • Concentrates: Marijuana can be distilled into an oil that you can dab or vape. Concentrate comes in the form of wax, crumble, shatter and other products.
  • Edibles: When you eat pot, it takes longer to kick in, but results in a longer-lasting effect. Edible producers have gotten creative by making baked goods, drinks, snacks and candies that taste delicious and treat your symptoms.
  • Topicals: If you have aches and pains from your illness, your budtender might recommend topical treatments, like bath soaks and lotions.
  • Gear: To make your life easier, some dispensaries offer pipes and other paraphernalia you can use to consume your medicine the right way.

Each type of cannabis medicine serves its own purpose and has a different effect for everyone.

Warwick Compassion Centers

In Rhode Island, dispensaries are called compassion centers. At, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of them for you to browse.

To find a doctor near Warwick, check out our listing of Rhode Island medical marijuana doctors.

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