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New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patients Can’t Be Fired for Drug Test Fail


The New Jersey Supreme Court set a precedent on March 10th that employers can’t fire workers who are also medical marijuana patients for failing a drug test. The case was brought by Justin Wild, the former director of a funeral home in Bergen County, NJ who used medical marijuana o Read More

“Compassionate Care” Act Returns to California


The law that paved the way for medical marijuana legalization in thirty-three (and counting) U.S. states was passed in California as far back as 1996. This original "Compassionate Care Act," aka Prop 215, allowed HIV/AIDS patients, people with cancer, and the terminally ill to access medi Read More

Science Says Marijuana Users May Eat More—But Weigh Less


As you probably know, marijuana is notorious for stimulating appetite—aka, giving you the munchies. But do medical or recreational marijuana users show any significant differences from non-users when it comes to eating habits, weight, and nutrition? The answer, it seems, is Read More

How Coronavirus May Affect the Marijuana Industry and Patient Access


As fear over the coronavirus mounts in the U.S., industries as diverse as commercial airlines, the stock market, and retail are starting to feel its effects. And if you’re a medical marijuana patient, you may be wondering how the global event could affect your access to cannabis. The Read More To Offer Medical-Grade CBD Products

03/04/2020, the leading online medical marijuana care delivery platform, has partnered with Jushi Holdings Inc. and its subsidiary, Sound Wellness, to distribute and market Nira CBD products to its network of physicians and patients. Nira CBD products will be available at Mariju Read More

Alabama Could Become the 34th Medical Marijuana State


Thirty-three states have legalized medical marijuana and Alabama may soon become the 34th.  Proposed legislation, which mirrors “compassionate care” programs in other states, is sponsored by Republican state Senator Tim Melson and has already passed the state’s judiciary commit Read More

More Seniors Are Smoking Marijuana


Marijuana use almost doubled in three years among older adults (65+), according to a new study by researchers at New York University School of Medicine. The percentage of older adults who use marijuana, however, is still relatively low. It rose to 4.2% in 2018. Almost 6% of older men Read More

Skunky? Fruity? Floral? Here’s What Cannabis Smells Really Mean


If you hang around in a dispensary long enough you’re bound to hear the word “terpenes.” These are the compounds found in many plants that produce their distinctive scents. Imagine the varied aromas of pine needles, lemon peel, and cinnamon—those are all terpenes you’re smelling Read More

Using Marijuana for Pain is Not Risk-Free


Patients who use marijuana to help relieve pain are more likely to also use it for recreational purposes compared to those without pain, according to research from Columbia University. Pain patients are also at a greater risk of cannabis use disorder. Millions of Americans suffer from Read More

Cannabis Takes the Itch Out


Topical cannabis may help relieve itching, according to a review of the medical research. The skin contains cannabinoid receptors, which play a role in regulating inflammation, itching and redness, and immune reactions. According to the review, published in the Journal of the American Read More

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