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Best Strains of Cannabis for Migraines


Best Strains of Cannabis for Migraines Migraine headaches cause severe pain that can last for hours or even days on end. Most migraine sufferers have one or two attacks per month, but the unfortunate minority who suffer chronic daily migraine can have 15 or more headaches a month. Read More

Doctor Hands Out Medical Marijuana Registrations on the Road


One psychiatrist in Missouri is bringing medical marijuana to the people. Rather than having patients make appointments with her, she took her “cannabus” on the road, registering people where they live. According to the psychiatrist, Zinia Thomas, MD, she’s registered thousands of p Read More

CNN Airs Documentary on the CBD Boom


CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, MD, just released his fifth documentary on cannabinoids, Weed 5: The CBD Craze. Like his previous documentaries delving into various aspects of marijuana, Weed 5 takes an in-depth look at the boon in CBD products, the lack of research and regulation, and the risks Read More

Best Strains for ADHD


  Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not a qualifying condition for a medical marijuana prescription. However, one study shows that up to 25% of marijuana users with ADHD report cannabis positively affecting their symptoms. But what are the best strains for ADHD? W Read More

LA is First to Open Cannabis Restaurant


The first cannabis restaurant in the US opened in Los Angeles this week. Called Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, the farm-to-table restaurant will serve food and marijuana, CNN  and Forbes reported. The City of West Hollywood has offered eight permits to businesses for on-site mar Read More

Report Shows Huge Growth in Cannabis Sales


The new US Cannabis Report 2019 Industry Outlook, released this week, projects that annual sales of medical cannabis will grow by 17% a year, reaching about $13 billion by 2025. Total legal cannabis sales are projected to reach $30 billion. Washington, D.C.-based cannabis researcher Ne Read More

Meta-Analysis Shows Marijuana Improves Sex


There’s been little research on how marijuana affects sexual function. But a new analysis of the studies that do exist—some dating back to the 1970s—found marijuana has positive effects on libido, orgasm, and sexual pleasure. The research was published in Sexual Medicine Reviews. Read More

Marijuana & Opioids: Reducing the Toll of Addiction?


The opioid epidemic is devastating American lives, families and communities. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 46 people die every day from prescription opioid overdoses.  Chronic pain, which affects 20% of U.S. adults, is one of the most co Read More

CBD and Anxiety


Interest in CBD or cannabidiol, available in oils, gummies, drops, and even mints, has exploded recently. The chemical has been added to a huge range of products and marketed heavily as a supplement to cure everything from insomnia to arthritis. Click here for the full infographic Read More

House Passes Marijuana Banking Bill


The SAFE Banking Act passed the House last night in a bipartisan vote, the first step to clearing the way for banks to invest in marijuana businesses across the country. The law would protect financial institutions that serve marijuana businesses from criminal prosecution and other conseq Read More

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