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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/04/2020 in CBD Resources

Medical-Grade CBD Nira

MarijuanaDoctors.com, the leading online medical marijuana care delivery platform, has partnered with Jushi Holdings Inc. and its subsidiary, Sound Wellness, to distribute and market Nira CBD products to its network of physicians and patients. Nira CBD products will be available at MarijuanaDoctors.com and its physician partners across the U.S. This move will increase both companies’ footprint in medical marijuana and expand their reach among medical marijuana patients.

“As a platform with over 450,000 registered patients who are looking for new paths of treatment for a wide variety of indications, it is imperative for us to partner with high-quality products such as Nira CBD. We believe in the benefits of CBD and specifically to the benefits Nira CBD can provide our patient population. We look forward to working with the entire Jushi and Sound Wellness team,” said MarijiuanaDoctors.com.

The MarijuanaDoctors.Com platform has pioneered the medical marijuana market while connecting more than 40 percent of the medical marijuana patient population. This new partnership will provide increased patient access to Nira CBD’s high-quality hemp-based CBD products through MarijuanaDoctors.Com’s trusted network of member physicians.

The new partnership will also benefit new and existing medical marjuana patients, says Steven Przybyla, President of Jushi’s Medical Division. “This is a tremendous opportunity to secure key distribution channels for Nira products and reach patients and customers who already understand the value of cannabinoids for therapeutic treatment. Physicians on MairjuanaDoctors.com are on the cutting edge of cannabis-based medicine, and we are thrilled that their patients will now have easy access to Nira CBD products.” Nira CBD products include high-quality, hemp-based cannabidiol supplements, physician formulated by Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, FAAN, FAEN, FASN, Jushi’s Medical Director.

In addition to the new offering, MarijuanaDoctors.Com remains committed to its mission of providing patients visibility and transparency and demystifying the process of obtaining medical marijuana. Each month, users come to the site for access to certified doctors and dispensaries, as well as all relevant information about their medical marijuana program including constant updates to state laws & qualifying conditions.

The site allows consumers to see updated state laws and program information and detailed profiles with ratings & reviews of all offices listed. Patients can also find local dispensaries in their area, making MarijuanaDoctors.Com an omnichannel experience with a user-friendly interface.

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Want to learn more about Nira’s CBD product line? Check out this video:


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