How Does Medical Marijuana Treat Nerve Lesions


How Does Medical Marijuana Treat Nerve Lesions

A wide variety of neurological conditions can cause nerve lesions, or nerve injury. The symptoms of nerve lesions can include anything from mild tingling to reduced mobility. As nerve lesions become more severe, they become more harmful.

It’s no wonder why many patients with nerve lesions use medical marijuana as a treatment. The treatment options we currently have don’t have a guaranteed chance of solving the issue. So, even though medical marijuana doesn’t entirely heal nerve lesions, it can reduce related symptoms and increase the patient’s quality of life.

Medical Marijuana as a Painkiller

One of the most common symptoms of nerve injury is pain. Whether it’s tingling, shooting or stabbing, chronic pain can significantly reduce your quality of life. Fortunately, pain is also the most common symptom treated with medical marijuana, and we have plenty of evidence that it works.

The chemicals in marijuana, called cannabinoids, interact with special receptors in your cells specifically meant to take them in — these receptors make up our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). THC and CBD, the two most well-known cannabinoids found in marijuana, both reduce pain, and they work especially well together. When you take cannabis medicine, your ECS allows your body to use the chemicals in it to lower your pain response.

Reducing Inflammation With Medicinal Cannabis

Medical marijuana also helps patients dealing with inflammation. While inflammation is meant to separate harmful substances from your body, it becomes uncomfortable when you have unnecessary inflammation. Inflammation can also cause further damage to your nerves, resulting in more severe symptoms.

When marijuana activates your cannabinoid receptors, certain receptors send messages to the immune system that make it reduce the inflammatory response. Less inflammation means less swelling and pain, making mobility and daily living much easier.

Cannabis Medicine for Spasticity and Seizures

When certain nerves become damaged, they can trigger spasticity and seizures. Any kind of muscle spasm hinders mobility, causes pain and just plain wears you out. So, muscle spasms are incredibly important to address to reduce the impact of nerve damage.

Medical marijuana, especially medications high in CBD, effectively reduces seizures and spasms. It even helps patients without causing them to feel stoned, making it suitable for people of all ages to use. Many patients testify to marijuana’s seizure-reducing properties.

Medical Cannabis for Symptoms Indirectly Caused by Nerve Lesions

Some patients experience issues indirectly caused by nerve injury, such as sleep problems or mood disorders. Pain, spasticity and other symptoms can cause you to use extra energy or make sleeping more difficult. If you have severe symptoms, you may have added stress from dealing with them.

Fortunately, cannabis medicine can help with these kinds of symptoms, as well, depending on the strain you use. Read more about the conditions marijuana can relieve to see all the benefits it can provide.

Use for More Information on Nerve Lesions and Cannabis Medicine

Consulting directly with a trained professional can let you get personalized guidance so you can get the most out of your treatment. Book an appointment with a cannabis-friendly physician or visit a local dispensary today.

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